1. MrAudio815

    Delta 34-080 Type 2 Miter saw Part

    Hey All, I am looking for a part that is no longer made/discontinued. There is no part number but in the diagram it is listed as reference number 83A... I have called Delta itself and eReplacementparts.com both telling me the same thing. It is a plastic vacuum attachment that fits in...
  2. F

    General Instruments Moisture Meter - Lowes $9.98 - Pin Type

    $9.98 General Instruments Moisture Meter At least for Zipcode 22030. Never know with Lowe's regional promotions.
  3. J

    Type of finish for walnut?

    Hi All, I'm embarking on my first real project, a toy box for my daughter. I purchased some very beautiful walnut from Saw4you on Friday and spend a good portion of the weekend milling it at the techshop. I have a few questions for the woodworking wizards out there. 1. The wood has some...
  4. C

    DW788 Type 1 on CLT CL for $250

    Not Mine http://charlotte.craigslist.org/tls/2378665995.html From the ad: Dewalt DW788 Scroll Saw & Stand for Sale - $250 (Fort Mill/Baxter) Date: 2011-05-13, 11:14AM EDT Reply to: sale-hmqhr-2378665995@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?] Cleaning out the garage and...
  5. farmerbw

    Ral CL, DW788 type 1 SS

    Not mine and no affiliation....blah...blah...blah, but looks like a pretty good deal. Appears to be on a custom made stand instead of the factory one. DW788 DeWalt DW788 20-in. scroll saw - $250 (Cary, NC) Date: 2011-04-30, 2:48PM EDT Reply to: sale-t3kjx-2355123156@craigslist.org [Errors...
  6. S

    Porter Cable 6912 TYPE 4 D Handle Router - $75 (Raleigh)

    Not mine! http://raleigh.craigslist.org/tls/2186025195.html Porter Cable 6912 TYPE 4 D Handle Router - $75 (Raleigh) Date: 2011-01-28, 10:59PM EST Reply to: sale-6xzaj-2186025195@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?] Router works great, you can use it w/ the D-handle or remove...
  7. ScottM

    Dewalt SS on CL looks to be a type 1

    Not mine...wish it was. Great price if it really is a Type 1. http://charlotte.craigslist.org/tls/2168728776.html
  8. J

    1/2" type L copper pipe $5 a stick

    Was in the Habitat ReUse Store in Raleigh today, and they had a cart with mostly 1/2" type L copper for $5 a piece, and some 3/4" for $9. The sticks were a little less than full ten feet in length (8 1/2 - 9+ feet). Lowes sells 10' sticks for $15.35 plus tax. Only ten pieces went home with me...
  9. Glennbear

    Foam Type Sealant

    I have some upcoming DIY projects which are going to entail sealing some gaps, penetrations etc. in wood framing and masonry. I am aware of Great Stuff but because once started one has to use the whole can it is not practical for my applications. I have used it before but found it so messy that...
  10. B

    wood type confirmation

    I brought a few boards home from a barn torn down in WV. After telling the gentleman who owned the barn what type of wood I thought it was, he would only give me a few boards and wanted to hold on to the rest. Can anybody confirm the type of wood, and what a fair price would be for rough 1" barn...
  11. K

    What type of wood do I have?

    Well after a few weeks of not being able to turn because of heat and whatever else I had going on and what not. Well I still haven't been able to turn in a few weeks but I did finally get some blocks roughed out from some green wood that I came across where they were doing some clearing close...
  12. kooshball

    Wire type for 240v extension cord or new, longer plug assembly

    What wire designation do I need to either make an extension cord for a 240v 20a circuit or make up a new, longer cord? I will only be extending 12' for a total of 18' of cord so 12ga should be fine but I would rather go to 10ga. Is there a designation to tell me that a certain cable is...
  13. SubGuy

    Wood type?

    Any ideas on what this could be? Kinda smells bad when you work it. Picked it up at Woodcraft in the scrap bin. View image in gallery Also Cherry I picked up. View image in gallery and Purpleheart and Cocobolo. View image in gallery
  14. W

    mini dupli-carver setup using dremel or other rotary type power carver

    Hey guys I was searching the net about small duplicarvers and came across this forum where I was reading a post about sears pantograph carver. What I was searching for on google was a less expensive and smaller version of a 2d-3d carving solution one that would allow the use of your...
  15. Jack Plane Refurb

    Jack Plane Refurb

    user grade plane
  16. Spain chest of drawers

    Spain chest of drawers

    double-stack chest of drawers
  17. Spain chest of drawers

    Spain chest of drawers

    double-stack chest of drawers
  18. Spain chest of drawers

    Spain chest of drawers

    double-stack chest of drawers
  19. Spain chest of drawers

    Spain chest of drawers

    double-stack chest of drawers
  20. Spain chest of drawers

    Spain chest of drawers

    double-stack chest of drawers

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