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Hey all-
Anybody have a suggestion for a source for metal duct for my dust collection system? I picked up a bunch of flex tubing from MarkE (thanks Mark!!) for making my final collections, but want to hard pipe my main branches.

I've found the fittings I need at woodworker supply, but they're awfully expensive.

I need a few 5" adjustable elbows ($35), at least one 5x5x4 branch connector($55!!!!), and a couple 4x4x4 branch connectors($35), and a couple reducers($23).

Anywhere else I should look?



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When I had my HVAC installed, my installer ordered some spiral pipe and fittings from Ferguson Enterprises. I have made two other purchases from them since. If you know a HVAC installer, they can order it for you and you can pay cash when you pick it up. That way you can get the fittings you need without the extra high price the woodworking sites charge.


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Penn State industries will also do free duct design work with an order and they have a complete line of pipe and fittings. They are knowledgeable and will ensure you get the most out of your system.

Tim Sherwood

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The best industrial grade duct is made by Nordfab, in Thomasville,NC. It has quick fit snap collars to fasten the sections together. When you want to move a machine , or add a new one , it's simple to rearrange. It's not cheap, but it will be usable for ever. Check out their web site it has some good layout info.


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I was browsing through a new Grizzly catalog and noticed that they're selling metal ducting in 4", 5", 6", 8", etc sizes. Didn't really compare their prices to any others, but they had a large selection.

- Ken.


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Grizzly's pipe is listed as industrial grade, which I am guessing means it is heavy gauge. They don't say what gauge it is.

For 6" x 60" pipe:

Grizzly $35.95 + $10.00 oversize fee
Penn State (26 gauge snaplock) $16.50
Oneida (26 gauge snaplock) $19.83

With Oneida's free shipping on orders over $200.00 it worked out cheaper for me to get the bulk of my DC parts from them.
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