1. CatButler

    Solid core doors available at the Scrap Exchange in Durham for $25

    If you go get one, pick up one for me too.
  2. Truefire

    Looking scrap piece of solid countertop material

    Hello guys, i am looking for a scrap piece of solid type countertop material approximately 18"x30" in size. Either segmented solid Red Maple countertop material, Corian, or solid granite type material. I was wondering if any of you guys install countertops professionally and would have scrap...
  3. L

    GSO CL: 1-3/4" solid oak doors $10@ - worktops?

    Not mine, yadda yadda; Greensboro seller dropped price, overall a REALLY cheap way to throw together some worktable tops, benchtops, etc. Apparently 50-60 to sell including hardware...
  4. S

    Finishing exterior solid wood front door

    I'm looking for suggestions-- I just finished and installed a new (raw) door for a friend. Used oil primer followed by Valspar Ultra Premium Interior/Exterior High Gloss black latex. I knew from the doors on my own house, that I could expect some problems at the weatherstripping-- paint...
  5. X

    Leitz solid carbide spiral routers ($20)
  6. X

    Leitz TCT router bits and solid carbide spiral routers

    Just thought I'd give you folks a heads-up on these Leitz bits : Thanks, MJ I added another tread with more items...
  7. C

    Aromatic Cedar drawer bottoms - Plywood or solid?

    Just got going on designing a slick modern dresser. I want to use some aromatic cedar in the drawer boxes but can't seem to come up with a satisfying way to do it. At first I figured I'd make the whole box (minus the front) out of cedar, but eventually backed off that idea as I think Baltic...
  8. steviegwood

    Need a solid wood door slab

    Hi Y'all, I have a double wide and am in need of changing out our back door. I would like to find a door with a window to just replace what is there but it is not standard measurements. It measures 73&1/2"T x 29&7/8W x 1&1/2D. If I can find a door slab that could be cut down to size it would...
  9. M

    Need to get a Solid Carbide Router Bit Shortened

    I just got a 1/4" down-spiral router bit that I intended to use for inlaying bandings. The bit is 2-1/2" long, and just a bit too long for use in my small palm router. I thought about just grinding it down, but it is solid carbide, so that wont work! Does anyone out there know of a way, or...
  10. S

    60" solid oak workbench - $85 (Garner)

    Not mine, good "beater" or 2nd bench! 60" solid oak workbench - $85 (Garner) Date: 2010-02-03, 10:53PM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Like new 60" solid oak workbench assembled, felt...
  11. S

    15 Solid Wood Cabinet Doors w/ adjustable hinges.. - $75 (Wendell)

    Not Mine! BAS! This may have your name on it! Can refinish/stain, etc.... can't make any cheaper! 15 Solid Wood Cabinet Doors w/ adjustable hinges.. - $75 (Wendell) Date: 2010-01-26, 6:20AM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] I have 15...
  12. Solid Maple Table (My First)2

    Solid Maple Table (My First)2

    My first table ever by myself. Solid Maple and unfinished. I will be using it the kitchen as a butcher block and prep table.
  13. Solid Maple Table (My First)1

    Solid Maple Table (My First)1

    My first table ever by myself. Solid Maple and unfinished. I will be using it the kitchen as a butcher block and prep table.
  14. S

    Solid wood chest of drawers

    Hey folks, I'm a newbie. I have a question. I found an old (20+ years) chest of drawers of what I think might be oak at a NC yard sale for a song. It's received too much water damage to determine what the wood under the patina really is, but seems heavy enough to be oak. It's definitely not...
  15. DavidF

    Solid wood on Plywood

    Maybe a question for Howard A, but anyone can step in... "If" one had to glue solid wood to 1/2" ply for a project what would be the maximum thickness of solid that would have a sufficiently small amount seasonal movement to be acceptable? 1/8" seems pretty common, but engineered flooring...
  16. William Roscoe

    Solid Surface Countertops Materials

    I've been trying to find a place that will sell this to a non-certified contractor and in the cental part of the state. I was thinking there were some generic products that were sold to the public.:dontknow::icon_scra
  17. William Roscoe

    Solid Surface Material Location

    I'm wanting to replace my kitchen countertops with corian or something similar and was looking for a place near by that will sell this stuff to non-pro's. I've found places on line but the shipping was very high. Any ideas?
  18. Glennbear

    Cutting solid core doors

    I am planning on making some workbenches using birch veneer solid core doors and have to cut some down. I planned on taping the cut line and prescoring with a knife. Any other suggestions to eliminate splintering of the paper thin veneer ? Thanks :wsmile:
  19. B

    How do you install molding on solid wood carcass?

    I made some progress this weekend. I sanded the 2 night stands I have been working on, fitted the drawers and installed the molding. The molding is always a pain to install on the sides of the carcass the way I have been doing it...using sliding dovetail to allow for wood movement. You can see...
  20. John Reeves

    Solid wood flooring

    Several months ago I was playing with this but all of a sudden the telephone is ringing a bit more than expected. We provide wider planks in most species and we manufacture in NC. We also provide some specialty laminated and engineered reclaimed heart pine. I have just cut some Hickory if...

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