1. sawduster2

    Wood Run - 4/4 red oak & white oak

    I am driving from Virginia to Orlando, FL on Oct. 7 and plan to haul 200 - 400 bd. ft. of lumber all or part way to help pay for my gas. I have some excellent kiln dried (6 -8% MC) 4/4 select red oak ($2.50/bd.ft.) & white oak ($2.85) in 4 - 5' lengths that I can deliver to points along the way...
  2. rex1927

    Need eastern red cedar supplier in S.C.

    HI,I need a supplier of eastern red cedar in coastal south carolina. I stay in myrtle beach S.C. area. I need at least 20-1X6X8 now. Will buy a lot more if price is good. I can plane lumber myself if you just rough cut it,just need it to be thick enough that it will clear up at 3/4 or 5/8 inch...
  3. T

    Need some kiln dried red oak

    Afternoon all, I have not been on in quite a while, hope everyone is doing well these days... Starting to build a new entertainment center and find that I need some oak boards for some of the pieces as well as the trim... Looking to buy approx. 30 board feet, if my calculations are...
  4. manfre

    Spalted Red Maple

    The power company has been rolling through my area and over zealously butchering any tree within 15' of a power line. They skipped one house in my neighborhood, but I'm guessing the owners were home. A red maple tree in front of an abandoned house had the street side of the tree just...
  5. bluthart

    5/4 Red Oak and Ash for Sale! Possible wood run!

    I have some real nice 5/4 red oak and ash in 5' lengths. This wood is kiln dried and beautiful, straight, flat with gorgeous grain. I'm asking $2.50 BF and I have approximately 350 BF of oak and 250 BF of ash. I am in Iron Station, NC. Iwould consider bringing this along to Burlington if amyone...
  6. T

    Red Oak Finish Suggestions

    I am looking for suggestions on how to finish red oak for an indoor project. Any one who has experience and would like to share it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Joe Scharle

    Happy Birthday red

  8. 4barnwood

    For Sale 80+ year old Red Oak logs (notched).

    I reclaimed the logs from a local barn and would like to sale them. Take one or the whole load. I will take $350.00 for all. They are Red Oak, Skinned and were Notched and Stacked all still very solid. The Barn was over 80 years old. The logs are 7-10 inch in diameter and I have 10-12 that are...
  9. CrealBilly

    Red Maple

    The tree guys are coming back tomorrow to finish taking down this maple that lost a limb last week. If someone wants it let me know as soon as possible and I'll go talk to the guys in the morning. It's a big boy, you can get a idea of the size by the car and truck that's parked by it. It looks...
  10. Rhythm House Drums

    Hot Red Headed Italian Wood Lathe Needs new Daddy

    Saw this ad on Charlotte Craigslist... Thought it was pretty funny.. :) But I know nothing about the lathe. My daddy doesn't use me like he should. When he bought me ten years ago, he promised me he'd use me every weekend - but what did I...
  11. B

    Need some Red Maple??

    I have a Red Maple (I think) tree trunk standing that is free to anyone that wants it. The trunk is 25-30 foot tall and about 20" in diameter about 5 foot up. Top of tree fell during the winter. Bottom branches had leaves but they died a month or so ago. I don't know the condition of the wood...
  12. Kyle

    Slabbing a Red Maple Burl Log

    Here is a Red Maple Burl Log I slabbed out last week.. pretty nice material. Widest point was 36", 91 long and had burl, curl and birdseye to the pith. and the actual slabbing..
  13. Large red oak log from The Kennals

    Large red oak log from The Kennals

    208" circumference
  14. Red Bud

    Red Bud

  15. Turning Project

    Turning Project

    Bowl is nothing special but a pretty piece of wood....
  16. L

    GSO CL: 3 beams red oak (~ 86bf?) $40

    Not mine, looks like something someone here could use
  17. P

    For sale-- Sycamore and Red Cedar boards

    Hey folks, I'm selling some Red Cedar as well as Sycamore boards. The Cedar has few tight knots, planed and very straight. RED CEDAR (700 bf) 4/4'' thickness 4 - 8'' width 4 - 8' length $2 per board foot SYCAMORE (+/- 3,000 bf) 5/8 -3'' thickness 6 -18'' width 9' length $2 each Please...
  18. flyrod444

    Curly Red Wood HF

    Turned from Curly Red Wood. This bowl has around 8 coats of spray deft lacquer satin right now. I will post some more pictures after it has had time to set and be buffed to a shine. The curl in this wood is unreal and it didn't move any as it dried. I did learn that redwood should not be turned...
  19. R

    western red cedar?

    OK guys' educate me. I'm going to try a strip canoe and everything I've seen calls foe western red cedr as the top choice of stripping. I'm guessing the difference in western and eastern cedar is the fewer knots in the western cedar? Is this correct? Also where do I find western cedar? After...
  20. J

    As for me, I like the red ones.

    Many of you know I build cars for Toys for Tots. Hundreds of them each year. My cars are our "Volkswagon" design, and are built from 2 X 4 stock. Lowes's "Top Choice" lumber in the 2 X 4 size is imported by Klaustener Lumber from Germany. By searching the stacks, I find the 2 X 4's I want. They...

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