1. King Size Raised Panel Red Oak Bed

    King Size Raised Panel Red Oak Bed

    The wood came from an old tree in my neighbor's yard. It was well worth the time it took to mill and dry the lumber.
  2. J

    Wanted to sell or trade: 36" red cedar door, upper half window

    Hi, all! Anyone interested in a 36" wide cedar door? The upper half is a window. What I'm looking for is some pretty wood to make a couple of smallish instrument cases, preferably 1/4 QS. That said, I wouldn't turn down quatersawn 10" W poplar. Otherwise, make me an offer.
  3. D

    Milled kd red oak on Raleigh craigslist

    red oak not mine, but I think it's the same guy I got some nice cherry from, and it's hard to argue with the price. He also has an ad for 75 bd ft.
  4. skysharks

    QS Red Oak and Black walnut ply source?

    Hey folks. I have some case work that I need to do, so I need some nice ply. Looking for black walnut and qs red oak plywood. Anyone know where the best place to get this from coming from the Fayetteville/Eastover area? Thanks in advance. MAc
  5. bluthart

    5/4 Red Oak For Sale W/Pic

    I have at least 200 BF of beautiful kiln dried 5/4 red oak in 61" lengths. Very flat, straight and clear. Widths from 5" to 11". I am asking $2.00/BF but will discount the whole 200 BF for $350.00. If interested I can provide photos. Thanks for looking.
  6. Red 2 x 4

    Red 2 x 4

    Some unidentified lumber I found at a big box store
  7. T

    Red 2 x 4 framing lumber

    I'll start off by stating that I'm very much a novice to woodworking. I'm a decent metal machinist, just finally getting around to working with less predictable materials. So I'm at a big box store in Raleigh on Saturday and on one of the end isles in the wood section they have a stack of...
  8. W

    Newbe question.. red oak finish

    I'm rebuilding an outdoor chair and table for a friend. They are metal sides with slats for the chair seat / back and table top. The original wood is just worn out. So... I have some red oak from the L store that I am going to use for the slats. Slats measure 2.75 x 21.5". They normaly keep it...
  9. E

    red oak logs

    Newbie here. I'm interested in trying my hand at green woodworking (turning, as well as stick chairs) and was wondering where I could get green wood? Lots of SYP here, but almost no oak. Does anyone know of a sawmill or sawyer that would have fresh logs available? I did a forum search but...
  10. J

    BIG Red Oak Logs

    Today on Hwy 64, a truck passed me with some HUGE red oak logs. Front bunk on the truck had five logs, and back had six. Drool, Drool!
  11. JayMerritt

    Aromatic Red Cedar near Wilmington, NC?

    Does anyone have a source for Aromatic Red Cedar near Wilmington, NC? thanks, Jay
  12. O

    I have Red Oak Logs!

    If this is in the wrong place I appologize. I am looking to trade Red Oak LOGS For Hard/Soft Maple Boards. I will have pictures of the still standing Oak trees soon and they will not be cut until I can find someone that wants to or can make a deal. I have no way to saw the logs into usable...
  13. F

    Looking for 10/4+ red oak in Charlotte

    Need to make some bedposts for kid's beds to match the rest of the furniture. I can glue-up, but I figured it would be easier to just make some 2-1/4 x 2-1/4 posts. Anyone have anything? Need 10 pieces 42" long when finished.
  14. MrAudio815

    Red Flyer Wagon Plans???

    Hello NCWW's, It's been a while, sorry. I am planning on building my son a Wooden Wagon with off road wheels (from Harbor Freight). Anyone build one before or have any plans for this? I want it to look something like this, just not a metal wagon. I want it to be a wooden wagon, wooden...
  15. bluthart

    5/4 Red Oak $1.75 BF - Charlotte

    I have at least 200 BF of beautiful kiln dried 5/4 red oak in 61" lengths. Very flat, straight and clear. Widths from 5" to 11". I am asking $1.75/BF but will discount the whole 200 BF for $300.00.
  16. sawduster

    Red Oak from Jeff Mills

    Jeff Mills’ red oak will be landing in my Youngsville yard soon. :icon_cheers I bought all of it but am more than willing to share with anyone who wants some as I don’t need so much . A little or a lot I don’t care. You can pick it up when Jeff delivers to my house ( TBD) or you can get it later...
  17. Wine bottle holder

    Wine bottle holder

    This wine bottle holder can balance, made from red oak and purple heart
  18. CrealBilly

    350 BF 4/4 Red Oak

    350 bf of 4/4 Flat Sawn Air Dried Red Oak $350.00 - random width between 11 and 4". I will load on to my pickup and deliver within 2 hours of of Oxford NC. I recall it was pretty clean lumber when I sawed it and it's been on sticks under my leanto for 2 years.
  19. 4/4 Select Red Oak

    4/4 Select Red Oak

  20. 4/4 Select Red Oak

    4/4 Select Red Oak

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