1. Mike Davis

    trouble posting

    I know this is the wrong forum for problem reports, but this is one of the few places I can post. If i go into the forums anyway except through "NewPosts" I get an error message, if I then click anywhere on the page I exit my browser. Maybe it is just something on my computer and will...
  2. William Roscoe

    posting an add

    I followed the steps for posting an add and pictures for sale and after I submitted, nothing happened. What am I doing wrong or is there a delay in seeing this posted????:dontknow:
  3. froglips

    Morning posting hiccup fixed.....

    Just letting folks know things are fixed. Enjoy posting again! Jim
  4. W

    Posting Threads

    O.K.. Ive looked everywhere and can't seem to find the simple solution (i.e. button??) for posting new threads or posts. I know it can't be too difficult as everbody does it
  5. Joe Scharle

    Problem with posting pictures in thread?

    The upload problem may be fixed but I just tried to include 2 pix (114kb and 87kb) and got this: 1. The text that you have entered is too long (822474 characters). Please shorten it to 50000 characters long.
  6. B

    Posting a new Thread

    How do I post a new "thread". I can't find any link/icon on the main page? Calling it a thread is nuts. It's simply a message.
  7. Bill Clemmons

    Problem posting photos

    I just started a thread and tried to post a pic in it, but it didn't appear. I followed the usual procedure: clicked on the camera icon above to open "Insert Photos and Images" window; clicked on the photo I wanted to insert. Usually this puts the photo in the post, but not this time. Are we...
  8. mshel

    Posting problems

    Tried to make a post with a couple pics and got a msg that I had used 2279302 characters and should reduce to 2000. I am sure I didn't use over 2 million characters in this post. Any ideas as to what is going on? Mike
  9. PeteM

    Posting projects?

    It seems (to me) that the amount of lumber being bought and tools being purchased doesn't match up with the number of projects being posted. Are folks building stuff and not posting their work? Just wondering . . . pete
  10. D

    photo not posting

    My photo with the classified ad for the workbench isn't showing up on the main page sidebar. The one for the steel shelving is though. :dontknow::help:
  11. lbtripp

    Need help with posting pictures

    I can't figure out how to create albums to post my pictures to. Could use some instruction. Thanks Lyell:BangHead:
  12. Karl Taylor

    Posting a pic

    How do I post a pic in this forum? Thanks in advance....
  13. DWSmith

    Photo Posting

    I have tried three times to post photos of recent items but when i click on a photo I get an "Error on Page" report on the bottom of the page. What is wrong?
  14. SteveColes

    Posting Policies - Next Steps

    I think it is time for us to move on to actually reviewing and modifying the policies. There a few things that I am beginning to believe. ( not rigidly, just a starting point). If you look at the current Policy, you will see that it is written with sections that attempt to make the reader...
  15. R

    Posting a Poll to a Thread

    Merrill77 (Chris) wants to add a poll ( ) ... when I check, I have that ability... but it could be based on my secret super powers as a moderator. Can the general membership add a poll? And all of this begs the...
  16. danmart77

    help with photo posting

    I have posted a bunch of pictures in the member gallery. They are scattered all over and they don't make much sense to the viewer. I need help putting them together. I noticed on others postings that you can select a photo and it brings up a bunch of photos immediately on that subject. I would...
  17. danmart77

    Help with Posting

    I would like to post a message in General Woodworking and attach some photos of the work I am currently doing in the message. How does one do this? I have attached photos and it goes to photo albums. Not really what I was hoping for?? What is the simple way for me to attach a photo to this...
  18. Travis Porter

    Posting on SMC

    Check this out. Doug Robinson, exactly what kind of underhanded deals have you been making????:gar-La; Just kidding. Seriously, remember when we got flamed about the lumber postings recently?
  19. Douglas Robinson

    Thinking of posting a member update

    I am thinking of posting a general state-of-the-organization post. I will post a draft in this BoD forum for all your comments. I am thinking of mentioning: 1. The Klingspor event 2. The raffle 3. The crawls 4. Non-profit status 5. Scotts idea about a group production line get-together 6. The...
  20. mshel

    posting pictures in classified ads

    I posted a classified ad and uploaded a pic but it doesn't show in the ad. Tried to do this a couple of times and the pic never did show up. Also, how do you show multiple pics in an ad? Thanks, Mike

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