1. rifle_breakdown_20_


    Early 19th century rebuild/restore piece
  2. Oak bookcase

    Oak bookcase

    I tried some unique joinery, it turned into a huge hassle though..
  3. Oak bookcase

    Oak bookcase

    I tried some unique joinery, it turned into a huge hassle though..
  4. Oak bookcase

    Oak bookcase

    I tried some unique joinery, it turned into a huge hassle though..
  5. H

    Grip 2nd time on a twice turned piece?

    How do YOU grip a twice turned piece when the tenon or recess has become oblong upon drying - as it always seems to? Henry W
  6. ScottM

    First commsision piece for 2012

    Just finished this piece for a friend. The sign is made up of walnut (Thanks FredP and RandyJ) and maple. The actual design is pieces of other designs I have found and the lettering is just a font from a standard text editor. View image in gallery
  7. C

    what is a piece of wood that fixes a crack called?

    Hello all, I have a piece of 2" maple I cut on my sawmill 10 years ago. it has a few cracks and I want to use those "bow tie" like fixes to hold the cracks tight. never used them before - any suggestions how, or what they are called? thanks much. building a primitive workbench
  8. KC7CN

    3 Piece 2'' x 6'' Diamond Hone Blocks

    Happy New Year everyone! I spotted this set of Diamond Hone Blocks in the local HF store and wondered if anyone has used this product or one like it. Would this be suitable for a plane blade! 3 Piece 2'' x 6'' Diamond Hone Blocks An alternative (on line) is a four sided block version: 4-Sided...
  9. buildintechie

    Help me find a specific piece of hardware!

    Hello all- I'm working on getting this split top coffee table I've been working on for years finished, and realized I'm lacking one specific piece of hardware. As you can see, there is a piece of the top that can be removed. The object is to store that table piece under the bottom...
  10. ScottM

    Need a piece of walnut

    I need a piece of walnut minimum size 10 1/2" by 18" by 1/4". I can resaw myself so any thickness will work. Anyone have something like this laying around? I am not looking for a hand out. I will pay or barter for it. Worst case I will joint and glue up two pieces but would much prefer one...
  11. Truefire

    Looking scrap piece of solid countertop material

    Hello guys, i am looking for a scrap piece of solid type countertop material approximately 18"x30" in size. Either segmented solid Red Maple countertop material, Corian, or solid granite type material. I was wondering if any of you guys install countertops professionally and would have scrap...
  12. G

    Cutting a spline in a long piece of wood

    I am building a patio table and ran into the issue where the 45degree joints at each end of the table just do not seem to have much strength. I was thinking of cutting a spline for the corners but two of the boards are about 87" long and would be hard to hold on a table saw to cut the spline...
  13. merrill77

    Need a small piece of thin cherry ply 12x24

    I need at least 11 1/2 x 22 1/2". I'd prefer 1/4" thick, but could get by with 3/8 or 1/2". Anyone in the Triangle area have a little I can buy or trade for? I'm not going to buy a full sheet for this small bit. Worse comes to worse, I can get by with some BB ply that I have on hand, but if I...
  14. P

    newest pens on a piece of drift wood

    here is a few more pens i had a chace to turn today I LOVE TURING :icon_cheers :gar-La; View image in gallery
  15. manfre

    Savannah 8 Piece Wood Turning Set - $52

    http://www.ptreeusa.com/edirect_041511.htm This 8 piece set will satisfy the majority of your turning needs and is suitable for turners of all skill levels. This set is ideal for turning pens or much larger projects on lathes of any size. The High Speed Steel out lasts high-carbon 6 to 1 and...
  16. D

    my first furniture piece

    I have been doing small woodworking projects and jobs over the years but this is something I did last year I consider my first furniture piece, for my own house when we got our flat screen TV, comments and critique welcome, mostly solid cherry, even the whole top, with a stain I developed myself...
  17. MrAudio815

    Chess Piece for my Mother

    Hello NCWW's, Over the News Years Vacation time, I turned a Chess piece with my Step Father for my Mother. I also never posted this, but I gave the HF lathe that I got from DaveO to my Step Father, who was very excited. I mostly did all the turning, while teaching my step Father how to use...
  18. M

    Looking for Piece of Kingwood

    I need some Brazilian kingwood - about 1-1/2 to 2 BF. I am not particular about size. It can be 4/4 or 8/4, and I do not need long lengths. I can use one piece or several pieces. Ideally it would be 2 X 2 X any length(s), but I can make do with just about any sizes - even short cutoffs. I just...
  19. S

    Price for a Large piece of Walnut

    WALNUT Rough cut over tweenty years( 49"x9"x11" Small side) 50"x9"x12" Buldged at 3/4 point I was going to saw it into small blocks To make flutes. butt a friend Told Me to put it up for bids.How would I find a fare price. Thanks Brett...
  20. S

    Need a piece of scrap walnut

    I need a piece of scrap walnut, just big enough to make a knife handle for this gut hook folder I have been working on forever. About 2"x6"x1/2" or so would work. Or if someone some other type thats dark in color that would work.

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