1. Another day of helping Mike Davis move

    Another day of helping Mike Davis move

  2. Another day of helping Mike Davis move

    Another day of helping Mike Davis move

  3. Another day of helping Mike Davis move

    Another day of helping Mike Davis move

  4. Another day of helping Mike Davis move

    Another day of helping Mike Davis move

    Jesse, Mike, Andy
  5. Mike Davis


    We're moving my shop, all my wood and our library this weekend. Could use some help loading books in boxes, setting shelves in place and reloading shelves if anybody has some time on Friday, Saturday or Sunday please let me know. We have three who will drive trucks/trailers and I think...
  6. Mike Davis

    Mike Davis Moving

    We plan to move on November 20 and as many days /weekends as it takes after that. I know this is close to Thanksgiving and a lot of people will be out of town or have out of town guests. We tried really hard to get everything done before now, one thing after another keeps getting in the...
  7. N

    Panel Moving Shuttle.

    I didn't see this in a search of the site, but if it's been posted before, then here it is again. :wsmile: It's a nice and simple little set of plans for a device to help lift and move sheet goods by yourself.
  8. Nice Figures

    Special Moving Sale

    Hi Everyone, We’re moving and need to lighten our load so we’re going to offer some of our figured wood and burl inventory at special pricing for NC woodworkers. This will be a first come first serve deal for the next two weeks at our store in Salter Path, no shipping. We will take credit...
  9. R

    Moving sale just got better

    We're offering General International tools on sale today and tomorrow only at 15% off. General is celebrating the opening of their US warehouse in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. We have General machines in stock (planer, 8" jointer, 3HP tablesaw, dust collector). Call us at 828-252-8088 to learn...
  10. R

    Moving Sale - Avl Hardware

    Asheville Hardware Woodworkers' Supply, 91 Biltmore Ave. tel. 828-252-8088 25% off everything in the store* *exceptions: Fein, Festool, General machinery and some lumber Also, we have two used tools still for sale: 5HP 10" cabinet table saw by Steel City, $1,400...
  11. Gotcha6

    HF in CLT moving

    HF in CLT on Independence is moving @ end of February to a new location beside Best Buy approx 4 miles east of their present location. Look for moving sales in mid February.
  12. MrAudio815

    Gonna Be Moving~!

    Hey Everyone, I am sad and happy to say that I will be moving soon. I have almost put in 6 years in the military and will be using the Post 911 GI Bill to go to College in Utah at USU for the Electrical Engineering degree. Three years straight schooling with a part time job. :swoon...
  13. Ken Massingale

    Moving A Jet Air Cleaner

    Well, for 10 months or so I've been waiting for promised help from several different folks to help me take down the Jet air cleaner (~75 lbs.) from the old shop and hang it in the new shop. Tuesday evening Evan Williams and I decided we had waited long enough! Wednesday that sucker was coming...
  14. F

    Moving equipment from Street to Garage

    I’m planning on buying a new table saw and jointer. From what they tell me, a truck will deliver the equipment to the base of my driveway and then for a few dollars more they will lower the equipment to the ground. The machines are palletized. My problem is that although I have a rather short...
  15. tdhetrick

    Help/Advice moving big workshop.

    So it’s been a while since I have posted but I have a problem/question that seems particularly suited for the North Carolina Woodworker crowd. I am part of a non-profit club ( that needs to move a 24’L x 12’w x 11.5’h workshop from Farmington NC (just south of Winston...
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