1. D

    thought i had done this long ago............

    but apparently not :embarrassed: so here goes I've been woodworking in one way or other since i was a teenager; started out helping my dad with various carpentry projects and then when i got out of college went to work framing large fancy houses, all types of roofing and siding at...
  2. bitbight

    Long, long time ago

    When I first logged into NCWW I was known as "Snafucu" and created my intro page. I changed my name to Bitbight shortly after. For those of you who do not know me, here I am now somewhere about 120 on the member list. Old time retarded retired GI still living (thanks to those that be) and...
  3. NC_Horn

    Long Time Stalker

    Have been a stalking this forum for a few years. Don't post very much but enjoy all the post that I read here. As for me, I am a Windows system engineer - working for CSC. Time in the shop provides a needed release. I've enjoyed working with wood since the late 70s and high school shop...
  4. T

    long time member never said hello here

    been here for a while and never said hello here cause I never liked the post your real name to the forum to get discount qualified since this is the internet afterall but I guess I am giving in you can call me Tat and I have met a few of you over the last couple of years I live in charlotte...
  5. G

    Cutting a spline in a long piece of wood

    I am building a patio table and ran into the issue where the 45degree joints at each end of the table just do not seem to have much strength. I was thinking of cutting a spline for the corners but two of the boards are about 87" long and would be hard to hold on a table saw to cut the spline...
  6. The WoodButcher

    Long SYP on short truck

    Hi ALL, I had some long SYP to haul today & turn into post's soon. Here's a few pix, the last one is my new Black Lab "JET Black Wynn". I think he's black lab & meth lab mix. :rotflm:
  7. J

    Long Time Lurker...

    ...First Time Poster Hi I'm Joe. I moved to Cary a little over a year ago with my wife and 3 kids (2 boys 6&4, 1 girl 2). Now that my daughter is a little older and my wife is getting more sleep I am hoping to get back to real woodworking. Most of my woodworking over the past few years has...
  8. Flute Maker

    Long Tool Rest For Jet 1442

    I make flutes and have a Jet 1442 lathe...Love it ...Suites me fine ! I would love to have a long toolrest..If I need to get one with two posts or whatever that would be fine. But I like to run the length of the flute w/o having to adjust the rest length wise....Sometime I putting some texturing...
  9. Bryan S

    Some Long Overdue Progress on Lingerie Chest

    I started this lingerie chest over 2 years ago, since then there has been one delay or stumbling block on top of another. Finally, today I made some progress. The major problem was how to get around the varying depth of the dado's in the sides for the dust panels. My guess is that the spacers I...
  10. kooshball

    Good time to upgrade the whole TS fence vs just getting long rails?

    I have the G1023Z saw with the 25" rail Shop Fox Fence listed below: http://www.grizzly.com/outlet/Fence-w-Standard-Rails/G4722 I currently don't have issues with parallelism but just don't have enough rip capacity and have ordered the 49" rip length rails. Unfortunately, the rails arrived...
  11. bluthart

    How long for Poly to cure?

    I am finally about finished with my son's crib, except for some polyurethane on a few parts. If he will not/cannot be in contact with any wood surfaces, then is it OK to put him in it fairly soon? Will the poly give off any harmful fumes for any length of time after it is dry? My wife plans...
  12. farmerbw

    Long tow straps?

    My dad has me looking for some 100' long 2" tow/load straps and I've struck out locally and had limited luck finding any that length online. Anyone know any local or good online sources that might have or make them? We're looking for something with loops at both ends, not hooks, and don't...
  13. kooshball

    How long to let lumber "relax" after the initial milling before final dimensioning?

    Out of curiosity, how long do you folks let your lumber sit after the initial milling? I have been milling mine just to the point where the lumber is smooth (usually ends up ~1/8" over final thickness) then letting it sit for a week before re-flattening, squaring and milling to the final...
  14. CrealBilly

    Semi-hollow Body Bass Guitar - new long term project

    Well a few years ago at the NCWoodWorker annual picnic, I won a book entitled Make your own electric guitar & bass. Steve Coles handed me the book and said do you plan on making a guitar anytime soon? I said no, but I'll take the book anyways. After reading it cover to cover, I got inspired and...
  15. farmerbw

    Simple project, and long narrative, finished

    Last Thursday after lunch I got an email at work from someone at our church inquiring if we had any crosses on hand or if we would be interested in making one for them on short notice. They had a delegation going to Haiti the following week to assist with building/re-building a church and...
  16. Rob

    Long time, no gloat

    Now I have a gloat, This was waiting for me when I got home from work yesterday. I ordered it from CPO Wednesday and it arrived yesterday, talk about fast shipping, and only $4.95 for shipping. Steve Coles turned me on to CPO, I was very impressed with their prices and speedy delivery. All...
  17. Bas

    Do you have "free" unlimited long distance?

    Even though cell phone plans and home phone bundles advertise with "free" long distance, there's no such thing as free. You just don't pay by the minute. But since that's too wordy to type, I'll use the term "free" as well. I've been looking at teleconference providers. There's two options: You...
  18. PeteM

    Walnut logs - 12" diameter - 1- 2 ft long - free

    Just cut tree. About a dozen logs. Located just south of uptown Charlotte. Send PM for location if you want them. pete
  19. Gotcha6

    Looking for 5/4 Ash or Cypress 20' long

    An associate @ work it trying to rebuild a fiberglass canoe. It has wood gunwales on it 18' - 6" long and they need to be curved to fit the canoe. He wants to use Ash or Cypress for weather resistance. I've tried to persuade him to do a laminate glue up but he insists on making this from 1...
  20. J

    Didn't Last Long

    Here are the bottle stoppers from the group buy that I received last week. I cast the blanks and am really please with how they turned out. Now if I could get some pen blanks to cooperate. Sorry for the make shift stand. View image in gallery

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