1. jobelenus

    Folding table legs

    I am trying to find some folding table legs better than the stuff at HD - I have a customer who needs 30 tables built, and while the table he has now has an HD set of legs on it, they are really crap. I'd like to upgrade a little to heavier gauge and smoother function - any ideas?????
  2. Before and after tapered column

    Before and after tapered column

  3. Test tapered column

    Test tapered column

    not sure you can tell by the picture but the column is slightly tapered - It is approx 1-7/8" dia. at the top and 2" dia. at the bottom...
  4. Router in place

    Router in place

  5. Backside of tailstock

    Backside of tailstock

  6. Adjustable tailstock (so to speak)

    Adjustable tailstock (so to speak)

  7. dowel/column side of the handle

    dowel/column side of the handle

  8. The handle to rotate the dowel/tapered column

    The handle to rotate the dowel/tapered column

  9. The Jig

    The Jig

    I have a project coming up where I need to make two matching tapered columns, but alas I do not have a lathe. I wanted a way to create them easily and repeatability was important – here is the jig I came up with.. A box.. On the front end I have a vertical adjustment to set the diameter at one...
  10. cyclopentadiene

    Completed Dressing Table with cabriole legs

    Recently completed project, mahogany dressing table with cabriole legs and tiger paw feet. The table was made according to plans from http://www.toolsforworkingwood.com/indextool.mvc?prodid=LL-M-8 similar to a table the Museum of Early Decorative Arts (MESDA) in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I...
  11. AmishWarlord

    Where to find un-finished table legs?

    I'm looking for some pre-made red oak table legs for my drafting table. I found this site but the prices seem kind of high but I don't know. http://www.tablelegs.com/Columns/CraftsmanEraColumns/LargeCraftsmanEraColumns36Inch.aspx Are these prices OK or are they on the high side? Anyone...
  12. G

    How far in to place table legs

    I am buliding a patio table that is about 79" long. Is there any formula to determine how far in to set the legs or is it more of "what looks good"?
  13. flywelder

    Attaching legs to a slab to make a bench

    I want to build my first ever slab bench, and i am held back because I am not sure how to attach the legs to the slab. I have seen benches with tree branches as legs and these were I am guessing, turned round on one end and then fitted into a hole in the slab. that would work but how...
  14. mike_wood

    Removable table legs

    My sister wants me to make a table for her. It will be largest (likely 40"X96") one I have ever built and it needs to have removable legs. All I have ever done is M&T so I have zero experience. I have looked at various ideas on the web but would like to tap the knowledge of anyone who has...
  15. Z

    Table Legs on Greensville CL

    Found this today: ((((((((( Table Legs )))) Hundreds to choose from )))))))))))))) - $1 (lyman, near clock restraunt hwy 29 Call Bill at 864 621 4646 ......................Bill is semi-retiring, help him clear out! ....................wood legs only $1-$5 each.............Red Cart is $60...
  16. zapdafish

    Jet 14" x 42" VS PRO Wood Lathe with Legs - $500

    http://raleigh.craigslist.org/tls/2349054890.html JET Wood Lather and Chisels - $500 (Lucama) Date: 2011-04-27, 11:49AM EDT Reply to: sale-d79jc-2349054890@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?] I am selling my 14" x 42" VS PRO Wood Lathe with Legs. I am selling it with a...
  17. workbench legs

    workbench legs

  18. cyclopentadiene

    WIP Elevated top table with curved tapered legs

    Attached are photos from the dry fit of my latest project. The table is made of walnut. The top is 15 1/2 " x 35" single board elevated 1/2" above the legs and 1/4" from the rails. The legs are tapered in both directions with a slight curve. This was my dry fit which seems to work well. I plan...
  19. S

    Morris chair legs

    I cut out and glued up the QSWO legs for my Morris chair today. I'll never use this beautiful and expensive wood for this purpose again. I nearly cried as I glued the gorgeous flecks and rays to the INSIDE OF A CHAIR LEG! :gar-Cr Where it will NEVER be seen!:wsad: In the future I'll laminate...
  20. Truefire

    29" Hardwood Table Legs needed

    Hey guys i am building a contemporary style sofa table with an elegant appeal and I am in need of some block style tapered legs that would accommodate a 4" drawer space. I am need of four legs 29" long and 4 - 21" in length. preferably hardwood legs or either maple legs revealing slight...

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