1. Future red oak island surface

    Future red oak island surface

    this is the lumber I have to make a red oak kitchen island 3’ x 6’ x 1-1/2”. Thinking of cutting to smaller width between 3” and 4-1/4” to make up the width of the surface.
  2. W

    Tabletop Endgrain Butcher Block Specs

    I have been considering a butcher block as my next project. I would love to create a butcher block island, but I think that project is a little on the advanced side for my experience. So I am opting to test my skills on a table top block as a possible gift. I have a few questions I am hoping...
  3. DWSmith

    Completed Rolling Maple Island

    Just have completed this project and it will go to the forwarding company for shipment tomorrow. The finish is Watco Danish oil, 2 coats sanded in between. A final wax coat will be added tomorrow morning to make it slick and smooth to the touch. The top is coated in mineral oil, allowed to...
  4. DWSmith

    Maple Island WIP

    I have an order from a restaurant in NJ for this island. The hard maple top is 24" x 48" and 8" thick and weighs a ton! The base is also hard maple, the legs are 3 3/4" square and the aprons are 6" wide. All the exposed edges on the legs and aprons have been beaded to get rid of sharp edges and...
  5. Kitchen Island

    Kitchen Island

  6. Kitchen Island

    Kitchen Island

  7. Kitchen Island

    Kitchen Island

  8. Kitchen Island

    Kitchen Island

  9. Kitchen Island

    Kitchen Island

  10. Kitchen Island

    Kitchen Island

  11. Kitchen Island

    Kitchen Island

  12. Truefire

    Mobile Kitchen Island wheel casters advice?

    Hey guys i am in the process of building a mobile kitchen island cart and was wondering if you have any suggestions on the types of casters used. I desire to have locking ones that would readily roll on the linoleum floor in the kitchen without leaving indentations. Well of course i understand...
  13. S

    Delta unisaw - $400 (pawleys island)
  14. DWSmith

    Cherry/Walnut Kitchen Island

    Just delivered this island to a customer today. The cutting surface is 3" x 22" x 42", a cherry center with a walnut border and the lower base is solid cherry. The finish on the cutting surface is mineral oil with a bees wax/mineral oil combination and I used CAB lacquer on the base. The block...
  15. gordonmt

    kitchen island top temporary finish

    I am nearing completion of my new kitchen island but I am several months away from ordering the granite top. My wife needs a working island so I will have to fabricate a top that can be used until the granite arrives. My thought was a double layer of particle board with some kind of finish...
  16. michaelgarner

    Mobile Kitchen Island

    This project was made from scrap plywood and maple. No fine joinery or treasured stock used on this one, it is gratifying however to throw a project together fast knowing that you are going to paint it. It turned out pretty good and when you can combine a cutting board and a place to hide the...
  17. J

    New Kitchen Island

    It is not quite done yet but I thought you might like a picture or two. My kitchen was site built and is OK but plain white and not terribly functional. I have not decided to build a new one yet but I did make an island. Construction is like a dresser, no metal slides, wood on wood. Drawers are...
  18. BumoutBob

    Kitchen Island finished

    The kitchen island project is finally done. It's 24" X 59" X 36". The drawers are 12.5", 18" and 12.5" ---by 3 7/8" deep inside(4.5" outside) Drawer bottoms are 1/8" melamine bd and .25" plywood. The lower shelf was purchased as a kit from Rockleer. Structure is maple and birch ply. Legs...
  19. Terry

    Workshop Island

    Well my shop is coming along pretty well. I spent the weekend working on the workshop Island which will serve many uses. First it will handle the out feed for my table saw. Second it will serve as a work area and assembly table. Third it will serve as storage on both sides with one side with...
  20. cherry island

    cherry island

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