1. chgorugbyref

    Free Magazines

    Cleaning out some old boxes and found this cache of vintage woodworking magazines. Random assortment of Woodsmith, Popular Woodworking, Wood, Shop Notes, American Woodworker, Workbench, and some assorted project plans. I’m in Raleigh but travel for work around central and E NC or happy to...
  2. S

    Ash giveaway - moving

    I have some Ash and a few other types of wood I need to get rid of - moving and can't take it with me. 5 pieces of Ash around 6" wide 12 ft long and 3/4" thick (planed smooth, rough edges) 2 pieces of Ash 8" wide 8 ft long and 1" thick A few pieces of White Oak, Brazilian cherry, some odd...
  3. tdotrob

    Two questions

    Two questions for the folks here... 1) Do you know what this thing is? 2) Do you want it? My father-in-law ran a production cabinet shop and I believe this was for drilling dowel holes, but that's just a guess. Whatever it is, I barely have room for my own equipment and can't fit it into my...
  4. R

    SOLD - Peg board hooks/accessories

    I’ve got a bunch of pegboard stuff that I have moved around for the last time. I havent used them since I got my tool chest years ago. I’d love to get something for it, say $10? There’s a bare minimum of $50 worth here probably more. If no one wants it by tomorrow afternoon it will be free to...
  5. mpholway

    Remaining Salvage Give Away

    By way of channeling Phil Soper, I have some things I would like to offer to the NCWW community. I have a storage unit that I need to empty and I have a few things that may be of interest to some of you. If anyone sees anything that they would like, they should reply to me so we can make...
  6. W

    Received a Free Lathe

    So my father mentioned his buddy was willing to part ways with his lathe. He didn't mention any specifics but I visited VA this weekend and picked up a functioning secondhand tool. Honestly I never thought I would have a lathe, but now my possibilities for design include wood turning. I do not...
  7. scsmith42

    GONE! FREE kiln dried FS and QS Red Oak near Apex NC, but there is a catch...

    UPDATE - THIS HAS BEEN DONATED TO A LOCAL WOODWORKING SCHOOL FOR USE BY THE STUDENTS AND IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. SHOP ORGANIZING!!! You can have approximately 70 board feet of kiln dried red oak - primarily of 5/4 that has been planed to 1-1/8". Some 4/4 as well. FREE Some QS, some FS...
  8. Burl 5

    Burl 5

  9. Burl4


  10. Burl3


    Free burl
  11. Burl2


  12. Burl


    Burl at lake
  13. J

    HF Dust collector bag/cowling/etc - FREE

    Not sure if any of this would be of interest, but I recently bought a 2HP harbor freight DC unit. I am using only the motor/blower part of it in a "separate the big stuff and blow the rest outside" configuration. That means I have some left-overs. Maybe somebody would like a spare/replacement...
  14. B

    FREE-Rough grade Reclaimed Heart pine flooring boards

    THESE ARE GONE. We have about 35 reclaimed heart pine boards. We got rid of the worst boards last year. These are the boards we rejected on the fourth culling. Not rejected on the first 3 culls. We needed to keep these until we found out if we needed them. Our huge project is done now and we...
  15. IMG_04101


  16. H

    Basket case PC 337 belt sander - FREE to a good shop

    More than a few years ago a friend gave me a PC 337 belt sander that was not working. I managed to disassemble it and find some parts that were all broken up in there. I never progressed past that point. I did not acquire any new parts or do much else besides box it all up. So if you are...
  17. L

    Free turning wood

    Just felled a tree in the yard last week that was dying. I don't know what kind of wood it is, but it's very neat and great for turning (I've turned a few bowls already and they are going to look great finished). Let me know if you'd like some pieces to turn. Need to get them this week...
  18. K

    formaldehyde free maple veneered plywood for cabinets

    I'm looking for formaldehyde free 3/4" maple faced plywood to build some cabinets in my home. I checked the hardwood store in gibsonville. They have some low-formaldehyde stuff, but thats it. I know that Home Depot sales the purebond formaldehyde free stuff with baltic birch and oak veneer...
  19. BKind2Anmls

    Free Ebook on Woodcarving, pub. 1905

    Easy lessons in the art of practical wood carving: suited to the wants of ... - Frederick Thomas Hodgson - Google Books
  20. C

    Free Cedar

    Big cedar fell during Hurricane Irene. It is cut in three 8 ft sections, approx. 1 ft in diameter. I have lots of smaller pieces also plus the trunk of the tree. Some small black walnut and mimosa also. Free if picked up. Will make some beautiful cedar boxes, chests etc. Tarboro, NC area.

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