Two questions


Two questions for the folks here...

1) Do you know what this thing is?
2) Do you want it?

My father-in-law ran a production cabinet shop and I believe this was for drilling dowel holes, but that's just a guess. Whatever it is, I barely have room for my own equipment and can't fit it into my shop even if I wanted to use it. I'd rather see it go to someone who would use it than drop it off at the recycle center but either way, it is going somewhere in the next week or so. Pickup location would be University Area in Charlotte.

It uses 220 power and the cord needs replacing but it was working when he closed the shop. I can't vouch for it's operational status today though, and I have no way to test it but then it's free so even if all you want to do is salvage the motor it might be of interest.

In any case, I'm curious what it is, even if you don't want it so all guesses welcome!

Near as I can figure, operator pulls the long lever to hold the workpiece down using the cam, then steps on the pedal to bore the holes.


The business end of the tool appears to be a couple of boring tools adjustable either side of center.


bob vaughan

Bob Vaughan
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I sure am glad that Newton borer is four hours away.
Back in the day, about all cabinet shops had those for face frame work.
The motor has a capacitor and plates on the side with writing. I'd guess that a little connection changing and that machine will run on 120 volt.
It uses a special LH and RH threaded drill bit. I think the thread was 7/16-14 either left hand or right hand. Those bits used to be fairly common on the used market.


Thanks, Hank! I've tried several times to give it away and was getting close to resigning it to the recycle center until I found this community. Now that I have some promising leads, I'll give it a reprieve long enough to try again. So glad I found this community!


Quick update - the boring machine has a new home! Thanks folks for helping me find it a new owner. Maybe now it won't be as boring as it was sitting in a dark garage. Or more boring if it's restored to working order. There's a goldmine of puns here but I won't bore you further.

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