1. Tarhead

    Autodesk Answers Sketchup (for free)

    If you've wished for a freeware design/modeling program from Autodesk here it is:
  2. Tim Sherwood

    FREE Pecan logs

    Two mature pecan trees located near Augusta. They are cut in 6-8' lengths. There is a crew and equipment available to load them for you. They will only be available for the next 2-3 days. If you are interested call Pete at 336-456-1275.
  3. Bill Clemmons

    Free workshop – relief carving for beginners

    Have you ever thought you might like to do relief carving, but didn’t know where or how to start? Well, here’s your opportunity. Pete (PeteM) and Andy (CarvedTones) have generously offered their time and expertise to assist in a free, hands-on workshop for beginners who want to learn relief...
  4. J

    Rockler Free Shipping thru 06-19-11

    Rockler is offering FREE SHIPPING on any order thru 06-19-11. Use code # V1978. Happy Father's Day.
  5. DanR

    Free stuff from McFeely's (with order)

    I placed my order before I got this message, but maybe it will help someone else:
  6. CarvedTones

    free short sweetgum logs - Raleigh

    I mentioned in another thread I was about to have the tree cut. I did. They cut it in firewood size lengths. It is about 1' in diameter, maybe a little more. If anyone wants some, let me know. I will probably have to haul it somewhere to get rid of it, so I would deliver somewhat nearby...
  7. TracyP

    Free Black Lab To A Good Home

    I have had to put my male black lab down due to severe pain. He gave us fifteen years of dedicated protection and his female partner is in need of a good home. She is very territorial and will make someone a great pet. We got her from the humane society to be a partner to our male black lab...
  8. Karl Taylor

    Free Scroll Saw Pattern

    I uploaded a free pattern on my website. This will remain until August, but you better go get it now. Since the summer is here I wanted to put up something that looks 'cool'. I would post a pic here if I knew Please sign up for the 'Inside Circle' while you are there to receive a...
  9. J

    Craftsman RAS $25 or FREE

    Currently on RDU CL are two Craftsman RAS's. One Wake Forest for FREE, and another in Cary for $25. The $25 one is actually a DeWalt. (Look at the height adjustment handle.) Plus look at router table over in WF.
  10. ScottM

    FREE light fixtures.

    Last fall PhilS had many light fixtures from a downtown Raleigh building they were remodeling. I have been storing 10 of them for Steve Westfall. Due to several reason Steve can't come a for them. So Steve is offering them to anyone here who missed out. The price is still FREE. Reply here...
  11. Asheville Hardware

    Free Boat Building Demo @ Asheville Hardware 4/16

    Join us Saturday April 16th from 11am - 3pm for a free presentation and discussion about the Stitch and Glue method of boat construction at Asheville Hardware's Woodworking School. Bill Thomas, an experienced instructor at Maine's WoodenBoat School, will be leading the presentation with a...
  12. J

    FREE 12 Craftsman Bandsaw.

    Look in "free" on RDU CL. Located in Holly Springs. Not mine
  13. Karl Taylor

    Free Scroll Saw Pattern

    I added a free pattern to my website. I grant permission to anyone to copy and distribute this pattern if it is used for education/instructional use only. Feel free to add it to any newsletter, but also state where the pattern came from. Hope you will be able to use this one...
  14. R

    Lee Valley & free shipping

    I see Lee Valley has Free Shipping thru March 28.....with $40 min. purch. Seriously, is it possible to keep an order under $40???
  15. Mike Davis

    Shaving horse workshop POSTPONED till MAY

    In order to teach spoon carving I need to build some shaving horses. It seems some others would like to build their own horse too. So, how about a shaving horse workshop on Saturday April 2nd? Let me know ahead and I can pick up a 2 x 10 for you to build a portable horse or if you want...
  16. NCPete

    free! melamine cabinetry

    Seems like it wasn't that long ago when my store went through its last remodel, but it is time again! Over the next few days, I will be posting things from my store that I want to try to keep out of the dumpster. All items are free. We have three of these cabinets. If interested, please...
  17. B

    Free wood (Heart Pine) for taking, problem is...

    :swoon:We have a house that needs to be demolished. We can not afford to do it. We were wondering if anyone would be willing to demolish the house for the lumber and bricks and copper wiring and it also has large members of oak. Is there anyone out there that would want this? It does have a lot...
  18. manfre

    Medium SATA Drives for Free

    Both drives are claimed. I have two identical WD 200 GB SATA 1.5 drives pulled from my now dismantled RAID. Free as in beer (I have some of that too :occasion1) to anyone who needs one or both of them. These drives were replaced by a hand me down from Steve. No reselling. To the first PM go the...
  19. Tarhead

    Big Print... Free Trial

    Matthias Wandel (the home made Bandsaw guy) has a cool program for taking a drawing/photo/scan/CAD file, enlarging it, scaling it and printing it out in tiles for full size templates. Check it out:
  20. SteveColes

    All done. Large sata disk drives for FREE

    I've upgraded a few of my disk drives on my home computer and NAS. I have some older ones to give away. There is: WD WDE6400 640GB. SATA 3.0 Gb/sec 7200 RPM -------Ben325e WD WD7500AACS 750GB SATA 3.0 Gb/sec 7200 RPM-----RayH Hitachi hde721010sla330 SATA 3.0Gb/sec 1TB 7200 RPM...

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