1. ErnieM

    Found a piece of SAWDUST

    Hi all, It's a couple of hours after the Thanksgiving gorge and I promised the wife I wouldn't work in the shop tonight. So .... I came in anyway - just to check my e-mail. As I walked thru the shop to get to my computer there it was. A piece of sawdust on the floor. I know, I know, no pix it...
  2. Threejs

    "Click here" page not found

    Steve, The link in the manditory message took me to a page not found error. I had to log out, and click on the scrolling marque to get into the thread. This is the link that worked for me. The link the message took me to...
  3. R

    Found on Craigslist...A must have!!!!!

    This is a good one. Enjoy!!! Rod ps-I have met a few people lately who need this.
  4. Douglas Robinson

    Found on RAL CL Festool MFT 800 - $250

    Festool MFT 800 - $250 (Holly Springs) Comes with Longitudinal Stop and extra work piece stop.
  5. NCTurner

    FYI found on Ashville CL Not, mine just thought I'd put it up.
  6. J

    Delta planer found on CL

    not mine. But it's a good deal for some one who is looking for their first planer, comes with stand and mobile base.
  7. zapdafish

    found some mini router bit howto's

    I was hunting around for some router bits and came across these videos. I usually glaze over and lose it when trying to decipher the instructions on how to setup router bits and fences which is why I am happy to have found these mini howto's...
  8. J

    Delta Unisaw found on Ral CL

    Not mine.
  9. J

    Tools - Found on Cl in Pittsboro

    Not mine. Lots of tools for a fair price in Pitsboro/Chapel Hill Area. Best of Luck, Jimmy:mrgreen:
  10. J

    Become a Sawyer/Kiln operator found on CL

    Not mine found on Ral. CL
  11. skysharks

    Found More than just a Sander

    Well I guess I need to do this. With the help and guidance from Mr. Travis Porter I traveled to Winston Salem to look at a Sander. (BTW, A Big Thank You to Tarheel for pointing me in this Direction) What a found was an excellently looked after Woodmaster 718. Not only is it a Sander, but with...
  12. Ncdawgs1882

    I Found a Great Deal at HF Greenville!!

    I Just got Back From HF & look what I got for 25 bucks!!! it retails for 119$ they still have a few more but they were going quick! the guy said they were shipped from another store & they were told to sell them at that price!:gar-Bi
  13. cskipper

    I found this owl in the wood-finally

    Here is the owl project that I tried to get ya'll to discourage me from attempting to cut. It is cut from 1/8" Baltic Birch plywood. The pattern is by Jake Klipple and the owl itself is approx. 5.5 x 8.5". I spent about 17 hours cutting this piece.
  14. The WoodButcher

    Found A Kiln

    Hi Everybody, it's been awhile. All this time I've been gonna build a solor kiln. I just went for a little ride just to get away from the house and wasn't gone 3 minutes and I spotted something in a field accross the street, looked like a solor kiln :eek:. Well I drove up to it and sure enough...
  15. JOAT

    Found some Turning Articles

    Found this link stuck away. Some rather interesting articles, and thought some of you turning guys might be interested.
  16. cskipper

    I googled ncwoodworker. and found this-intersting?

    I don't know that the following site is anything but it seemed kind of interesting:
  17. Ncdawgs1882

    [Suggestion-Main Site] I found a small glitch

    Hey with all the site updates & everyone looking out for stuff I think I might have found one for you to investigate on the right sidebar at the top the yellow buddy list link takes me to a blank page when I click on it! It sends me to this Url...
  18. davejones

    Found in local paper: Walnut Trees

    Not mine or anyone I know. I found this ad in the Northwest Observer, a small local paper covering the NW corner of Guilford County. I have not verified anything about it, but thought some of the folks on the site here might be interested. "25 Mature Walnut Trees. You cut & move. Make...
  19. J

    Found DJ-15 on Ral/CL

    found on Raleigh CL, 6" dj-15 jointer $300, Not mine.
  20. The WoodButcher

    Ooh Lookie what I found

    :gar-Bi :D Hi All, I just found me a new toy. I think everybody with a sawmill needs one of these. This is gonna be a very cool addition in my timber framing adventures.

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