1. Mike Davis

    Small bowl - Half finished

    This is going to be a wedding present for an old friend in England. It's only half finished, I'm going to do some carving on the rim. Curly Eucalyptus, 11 x 4.5, oil finish, 1/2 inch thick as it is a serving bowl and will be used daily.
  2. K

    Finished my latest project

    We'll after going to Japan, Asheville and being busy at work I finally finished my latest project. I used Tried & true varnish oil then about a thousand coats of blond shellac. First time using shellac and I really liked it. So easy to put on and it dries so quickly. Anyway here is the proof.
  3. dino drosas

    Bathroom Vanity Finally Finished

    Today the remaining hardware that has been ordered for some time finally arrived and I was able to complete my bathroom vanity projest. It is built from solid cherry with Lacewood panels and the drawers and doors are banded with African Blackwood. The finish is two coats of amber shellac, then...
  4. welldigger

    TV Stand Finished....

  5. DavidF

    Finished at last, Bed side tables!

    Well here they are at last, it's been a long haul from when Jeff started the clock on 2/12/2007! There have been many projects along the way, but at least these are installed next to the bed they were designed for. Finish is one coat of Target coatings WB amber shellac followed by two coats...
  6. Ncdawgs1882

    I finished a few more!

    Ok So I got a request to make a custom box for the ashes of a clients pet. I'm not sure what to charge:dontknow: I figure the materials cost me a total of 8$ at the most I put 15hrs at the most doing the work the rest was waiting for the finish to dry! But maybe I could get your opinion on what...
  7. meika123

    Finally finished

    At long last, I finally finished my Cyclone shed this afternoon. With the exception of a little trim painting, which I simply "HATE" the thing is finished. The cyclone is installed, only need to add the blower motor and impeller, and hook up the duct work, and this "BABY" will be ready to go...
  8. T

    Finished cutting board

    Morning all, Finished this last night. I've been knocking a few of these out for gifts, some tool money as well....seem to go over really well.. 1"Tx12"wx16"L From left to right: white oak, black walnut,brazilian cherry,american cherry,maca,curly maple,purple heart. Should have taken the picture...
  9. Mike Gilley

    Garden Bench FINALLY finished.

    Ok, so I started this project a while ago, but had to keep putting it on hold, until I decided I was going to have it done by the end of Memorial day weekend! So I started with some Cypress I got from Ivey in December: (Don't worry, I didn't use ALL of it for this bench) I built the...
  10. Hook

    Finally finished the Tiger

    And then I cut some grass for the tiger - first time trying stack cutting (thanks for the tips guys) And finally decided to crouch the tiger behind the grass (saving the other grass for the leopard) I've been a little busy this weekend. :clock:
  11. Ncdawgs1882

    Finished Project from the picnic!

    So for those of you who got to see the unfinished Senior Airborne Jump Wings I made for my grandfather & for those of you who didn't get see it, here is the Finished piece! Its made of Cottonwood & I used a wood conditioner then pecan stain with a poly finish! My Grandfather Loves it!
  12. Mike Davis

    Finished Project Lab Case

    I finally got this finished. It took a lot longer than I thought it would, mostly because I had so little time to work on it. I had to do a little bit then wait till the next weekend or sometimes the next month. Anyway I think it looks good and serves the purpose.
  13. Ncdawgs1882

    Finished my first carvings!

    So here are two signs I made for my grandpa out of bass wood I recently bought a 5 piece power grip carving set that I love!!!! before that I had a cheap 5 dollar set from HF that couldn't carve soap! the First one I carved & then used my burnzomatic to give the carving more color & finished it...
  14. MrAudio815

    Should Cedar wood be stained, treated or finished? For a Cedar Chest!

    Hey everyone and experts,:gar-Bi I will be making a Cedar Chest and have read somewhere that it is not good to stain, treat, or add any chemicals to Cedar wood on the inside due to the fact that the clothes and lid will stick? But how about the outside of the chest? Yes I will be using all...
  15. nelsone

    Hall Table - Finished!!!

    LOML decided a while back we needed a hall table in the foyer. Started this a few days ago, but decided I should post some pics of the progress. Hopefully that will incent me to get it done in a fairly timely manner! This is the cabriole legs and front skirt dry fitted. Still have to do some...
  16. adowden

    Finished four maple examination tables

    When I went to pick up the vacuum press in late January I was asked to quote making four examination tables that would match some stock cabinets from Lowes. I finished those back in March. Here is a picture of the finished tables. Things I learned from this project: The best way I could...
  17. erasmussen

    One finished

    Got one of the bowls finished, it was one of the two made up from rings I had already glued up and laying around just to check out the new tool:eusa_thin Its small 6 3/4 Dia. made from 168 pieces of maple sycamore and purple heart, kind of an odd shape:icon_scra The other one is almost...
  18. B

    Another rainy day saturday in the shop project finished

    I finally got back to finishing my assembly table by wrapping it with red oak. It is 4 x 8 and has 2 3/4 sheets of MDF and topped with hard board. The legs and rails were made by glueing together 3.5" strips of 3/4 ply. It is really easy to make a mortise and tennon joint this way until I can...

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