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    block plane

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  7. AmishWarlord

    Nice find at Ace Hardware

    I was at an Ace Hardware and noticed they had a bargain table. Berried under all the crap was several boxes of Olson and Dremel 5" scroll saw blades at $2 to $3 a box. I bought ALL of them for $15. :) Not bad for 52 assorted blades.
  8. buildintechie

    Help me find a specific piece of hardware!

    Hello all- I'm working on getting this split top coffee table I've been working on for years finished, and realized I'm lacking one specific piece of hardware. As you can see, there is a piece of the top that can be removed. The object is to store that table piece under the bottom...
  9. AmishWarlord

    Where to find un-finished table legs?

    I'm looking for some pre-made red oak table legs for my drafting table. I found this site but the prices seem kind of high but I don't know. Are these prices OK or are they on the high side? Anyone...
  10. Bugle

    Interesting find - what would you do with it?

    The wife and I went to the Southern Ideal Home Show at the state fairgrounds today. Mostly what you would expect, but I did get a chance to stop by the Anchor Hardwood booth and talk with Andy. Man, they have some beautiful wood! The most interesting wood was a pretty unassuming piece of...
  11. K

    CL find - pine beam

    I found the pine beam on CL. Don't know what they want for it.
  12. farmerbw

    where to find old school desks?

    All, we've been looking for a couple of old school desks in the Raleighwood area and so far have struck out. There used to be someone at the NC Flea market that always had some a few years ago but there wasn't any to be found there last weekend. I located someone in Kinston who has a bunch...
  13. Ken Kimbrell

    CL find, price too high?

    Been looking to buy my first lathe, my experience on turning is zero and my budget is rather limited so I've considered the cheaper options like HF and Craig's list for lathes and found this on CL: He is currently asking $280.00 but may go...
  14. J

    Where to find froe, adz, hatchet, and axe?

    Hi there, I am brand new to woodworking and have been reading Roy Underhill's first book. I am very interested in working wood with only hand tools. The only tools I have are a drawknife (from my grandfather) and an axe from lowes. I live in Columbia, SC and have been visiting every antique...
  15. John.P.Burns

    Hello, happy to find this site.

    Hello, My name is John, and thanks to the Army, I live in Fayetteville, NC. I have been woodworking for about a year. I started when my wife sold our coffee table on Craigslist and "commissioned" me to build a new table. I came up with a design and built it one sunday afternoon. It turned...
  16. Dogwood Find

    Dogwood Find

    Dogwood Find
  17. Dogwood Find

    Dogwood Find

    Dogwood Find
  18. Flute Maker

    Dogwood Find

    View image in gallery In my ride through town I found this dogwood beside the street and as a "Turner" couldn't pass it by. Owner was glad to have me get it !! ... Are there any ideas about what to do with the crotch in this trunk turning wise??
  19. gunit1400

    I need to find a router bit

    I am currently still trying to remodel our kitchen, to include painting, refinishing cabinets, new countertop, and the like. Our home was built in 1972 and the builder used prefab cabinets. The drawers are 100% plastic and quite honestly are as ugly as homemade soap. I want to build new...
  20. scsmith42

    Where can I find an adapter bushing for a Delta benchtop mortiser?

    I have a Delta 14-650 hollow chisel mortiser, and it takes the standard Delta 5/8" shank chisels, which limits it's capacity to 1/2". I've noticed that most of the standard mortisers from other companies utilize a 3/4" shank chisel, instead of Delta's 5/8" shank, and that there are a lot of...

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