1. S

    Dewalt 3HP router gloat

  2. rick7938

    Dewalt DW972 Cordless Drill

    I have a Dewalt DW972 12-volt cordless drill that has served me well for the last few years. Yesterday I dropped it off of the step ladder onto a concrete floor - NOT GOOD!. When I tried to use it again, it will still run, but seems to have lost most of its torque. The motor has the smell of a...
  3. SkintKnuckle

    Dewalt 746X advantages?

    I really have the fever (I think I caught it from you guys!) and finally made up my mind to upgrade my table saw. Currently I have a 10 inch Skillsaw table model, which my father in law upgraded from and gave to me. So, a contractor level saw is going to be like going from a moped to a lincoln...
  4. michaelgarner

    Crraappp,,, my Dewalt 618 is broke

    Ok friends,,, Once agian I need some help,,(by the way I thank everyone for helping me as I grow as a woodworker) Well Im trying my darndest to get an entertainment center done and wouldnt you know it, as I was routing out the dado's I heard a rattling in my router. So it being a refurb and no...
  5. Canuck

    Dewalt Sale

    Hi, Stopped by the Ace Hardware in Cary (@Old Apex and Cary Pkwy) this afternoon and saw that they are clearing out their Dewalt products at 35% off. There were a few cordless/corded drills, saws-all, a plunge base and a fixed base router, jig saw, portable planer, belt sander and a couple of...
  6. woodguy1975

    Dewalt 788

    Re: Tool Review/things to consider Just a note on the dewalt scroll saw. Lots of folks think the Dewalt is a step up from the other benchtops out there. It really isn't as far as I'm concerned. Either get a decent benchtop and spend around $150 to $200 or spend the cash for the Hawk. There...
  7. J

    Anyone have the Dewalt 735 Planer

    I thought about this planer, but it seems reviews are less than great. Let me know if any of you have this planer and what you think about it?

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