1. A

    Additional photos don't appear

    I uploaded 4 additional photos on my classified ad this evening, but they don't appear on the ad. I read something about large photo size potentially causing problems, so I deleted the original photos and replaced with smaller size. They still don't appear on my ad.
  2. Classifieds - Please Login Screenshot

    Classifieds - Please Login Screenshot

    A screenshot of microClassified's "Please Login" screen.
  3. SteveColes

    Classifieds not accepting new ads

    Because of the upcoming upgrade our existing classifieds will not be used after the switch over. Unfortunately, the new Classifieds add on will not import from the current system. So we have disabled the ability to add new ads until after the upgrade. But the existing ads are still there and the...
  4. Leviblue

    Wood Shop Tools - New Pricing in the Classifieds

    New pricing in the classifieds for the listed tools. Check them out, they are good tools needing to be dusted off and used. Thanks for looking!! Hitachi table saw new price of $250 Hitachi Drill Press new price of $50 Jet Joiner new price of $120 Milwaukee Panel saw new price of...
  5. MarkE

    Classifieds not showing in classifieds forum

    I posted in the classifieds forum about some free Wood Magazines. The ad shows on the left side of the page, but it does not show up in the classifieds forum. I saw this once before with Phil S. post about the free cabinets he was giving away. I think it's broke. :wsad: Or maybe it's...
  6. Ncdawgs1882

    Classifieds Question.

    Was wondering if I could put my scrollsaw up for sale in the classifieds for cash or trade for wood or is there somwhere else I should post this? Thank you for your help!
  7. Joe Scharle

    Classifieds don't display all.

    There is no page 2 in the classifieds. IOW, I can't see them all. If I look at sub headings, then page 2 selections become available.
  8. S

    selling wood via the classifieds?

  9. R


    Why can't I place an item on Classifieds? I saw the bulletin; but, I don't understand what it means. Thanks
  10. B

    Searching for Planer from Classifieds

    Last week, there was a posting in the classifieds for a Planer someone had rebuilt. I believe it was an old Yates Planer, and I think it was at least 18" or something near there. The item was rebuilt, and painted white, and I believe it was located in Mebane, NC. I realize it may have already...
  11. eyekode

    How to reopen a classifieds add?

    I listed an add in the classifieds and had a member commit to buying it. I sent email and private messages to confirm pickup and I have not heard back for 3 days. Is there any easy away to re list it? Thanks! Salem
  12. Douglas Robinson

    Wood classifieds

    Just wondering what everyone else thinks about prohibiting any wood sales in the classifieds. This includes commercial and private sales. Thus all sales would have to be made in the Wood forum and we could enable small pics there. This would eliminate most of the controversy and confusion.
  13. Russ Denz

    Feedback on Classifieds

    I want to share some feedback on a seller in the classifieds but can't figure out how to do it / find instructions to do so. How do I do that? Thanks, Russ
  14. Douglas Robinson

    Member Only Classifieds

    The BoD has discussed this before, but maybe we should again. Should we have a member only classified/found hot deals forum IN ADDITION to our present forum? Opinions?
  15. J

    Placing Classifieds

    This is John in Jacksonville. I was going to place a 'for sale' classified but received an auto-message, 'Sorry, you are not allowed to post new listings until you have at least 5 posts!' Can you explain this to me. Thanks John
  16. T

    Wooden Toys, Anybody?

    Looking to hire an experienced wood worker and designer to make a few toys for our company. The items we’d like to make are larger scale items: a kitchen stove/oven/sink combo (36” to 44” tall), a doll house & furniture, a garage and a barn. We can send design ideas. Of course, since kids...
  17. Bas

    Classifieds cleanup

    I will delete the old classifieds on 1/17. Once that's done, we can remove the old software as well. I've sent an e-mail about the cleanup to the 46 people who still have an active ad in the old system, so they can relist it if necessary. We might see an increase in requests for help over the...
  18. Threejs

    Location on Classifieds

    Could location be a column on the classifieds page? It sure would save some clicking.
  19. SteveColes

    Moderated Classifieds Ad

    Does anyone know who or why this ad by Tom Hintz was moderated(unapproved)?
  20. Bas

    New Classifieds software

    The software we currently have for the Classifieds is somewhat limited in function. To make it easier to search, post, and clean up old advertisements, we'll be switching to a new package this weekend. This Friday, I am closing the Classifieds for any new postings. You'll still be able to...

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