1. Finishing Class

    Finishing Class

  2. Finishing Class

    Finishing Class

    Attentive Students
  3. Finishing Class

    Finishing Class

    Primary Color Dyeing
  4. Finishing Class

    Finishing Class

    Skeeter and Tarhead
  5. Finishing Class

    Finishing Class

    Spray Testing Board
  6. sapwood

    Jeff Jewitt Finishing Class

    On Oct. 21 I attended a class by Jeff Jewitt on hand finishing sponsored by TWA. First, thanks to TWA for making this opportunity available. :icon_thum:icon_thum Jeff was well prepared (he's done it a zillion times :lol:), extremely knowledgeable, responsive to questions, and personable. He...
  7. woodguy1975

    JSR Woodworking Class Schedule for the Extravaganza

    I figured I'd go ahead and post my class schedule for the show. I'll be instructing/demonstrating all day Friday and Saturday at the show. The classes are FREE to attend. I should have a nice big area away from the noisy booths and there should be signs everywhere for the classes going on...
  8. woodguy1975

    WG Bandsaw Basics Class Sept. 30th

    Well, I'm running a one day bandsaw basics class. We will cover everything from initial setup to fine tuning for the finest veneer your saw can produce. We'll also talk about guide system, blade types, and tooth designs. You will become a bandsaw master at the end of this one day course...
  9. woodguy1975

    Which class to run Next???? Input Needed

    Ok guys and gals, I've got a hole in my schedule for Sept. 30th and Oct. 14th since it looks like the rocker class isn't going to take off. What would you guys like to see? Here is what I have to offer: Freehand Router Inlay Advanced Pen Turning... Bandsaw Basics from Setup to Resaw...
  10. woodguy1975

    JSRwwing Maloof Rocker Class Sept. 30-Oct1

    Yeap, I've got another Rocker class on the schedule. I've had one member on hold for a while looking to form a class. This class will start on Sept. 30-Oct.1 and run Oct 14th-15th and run Nov.4-5. For pics of a Maloof rocker please go to my website at Lots of folks on...
  11. woodguy1975

    JSR Woodworking Cabinetmaking 101 Class Sept. 23-24

    I've got a cabinetmaking coming up that covers everything you ever want to know about cabinetmaking. From design, to hardware, to making a 5 peice door we do it all in this 2 day class. In the end the students walk away with a lot of knowledge and an upper cabinet complete with a raised panel...
  12. woodguy1975

    JSRWWing Maloof Rocker Class Number 4

    Here they are Justin, Brett (AT-4),and Barry. They all did a great job. Their chairs rocker great and look just as good. Here are a couple action photos.... Now taking enrollment for the next rocker class. Class starts on 9-30 and 10-1.... Thanks, John
  13. woodguy1975

    WG Finishing Class Sept. 16th

    Ok guys and gals here is the next class that is going to be offered by JSR Woodworking. This will be a full 1 day class. Basically we will go until everyone is saturated with information and can't take it anymore. LOL Here are some of the things we will be covering: surface prep...
  14. dtomasch

    Woodguy's Maloof Class

    Well What a Weekend.... I was lucky enough to take Woodguy's Maloof Occassional Chair class this weekend. Here is My Personal Review: 1. Thoughtfull and Laid back- John's workshop and attitude envokes a feeling of creativity and free-flowing thought. I had a week from hell at work, and...
  15. woodguy1975

    WG Maloof Occasional Chair Class Aug 26-27

    This is a great class to learn maloof chair making without the time required to make a rocker. It is Maloof's famous occasional chair. He has been quoted as saying this is his most comfortable chair. It is a low back chair that cradles you. Steve C will comment on the comfort of the chair he won...
  16. woodguy1975

    WG Krenov Plane Class August 12th

    The cost for the class is just $65 including a custom heat treated blade. We have a few openings in this class. If anyone is interested just post or PM me. Thanks, John You'll just need a block of hardwood or exotic for your plane body. 2"x3"x14".
  17. D L Ames

    Rough to Ready Plan Class

    I attended the Woodcraft hosted "Rough to Ready" hand plane class today presented by Bill Anderson. Here is a brief review of the class. Class: Rough to Ready Instructor: Bill Anderson Location: Woodcraft's Raleigh-Durham location. Class Size: 4 (only two students showed up for the class...
  18. woodguy1975

    Woodworking Essentials Class July 29-30th

    Ok guys and gals I have a woodworking essentials class coming up at the end of the month I wanted to announce. It is a class focused on jointery and basic furniture construction. The class project will be a shaker style end table or bed table with a single drawer and nice tapered legs. You'll...
  19. woodguy1975

    Rocker Class Number 2 complete!!!

    Well, the second rocker class has completed their chairs so I'd figure I'd share a couple photos of the proud students and their chairs. From left to right it is Alice, Lat, and Richard. Alice and Lat where from Florida and Richard was from the Charlotte area. They all did a great job...
  20. chris99z71

    Woodguy's cabinet class

    I had alot of fun this weekend and I learned a ton! His class is geared such that anyone with any skill level will succeed and learn something. John's cabinet technique is very simple and very easy. His tips on wood selection and grain matching alone were worth the trip. If you have ever had an...

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