Birch for Adirondack furniture? plus some walnut, spalted maple/oak, ironwood...

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Hi, let's start by saying I know nothing about woodworking but sure do love looking at what you all create!

I have an acre lot here in Raleigh (Swift Creek area) and a NCSU/USFS forester has been helping me taking down leaners and thin the woods. So I have a lot of "sticks", some logs (most will be used for firewood but could give some up), and then a few more special things.

He took down a river birch that grew following roof line--that is, with some interesting curves to it. We cut in as large pieces as we safely could, and I saved the branches, twigs, everything. (photo) I think it would make beautiful Adirondack furniture. I'd like to try to sell this to pay for the work taking it down, so any reasonable offer....

Still standing is (what I believe you call) a spalted maple, almost a foot in diameter, which leans towards road, won't hurt anything to fell it. (photo) There is also a spalted oak which is straight but would require someone with professional know-how to get down safely. So I don't know if anyone would be interested in these.

I also have
- a small pile of walnut log someone gave me to give someone who never came for it.
- some ironwood logs, maybe 4' long and 5 or 6" wide,
- a lot of sweet gum logs
- various beech, maple, other logs and sticks. A LOT of sticks. Anything that was straight, we saved as long a stick as we could.
I'd be happy to give away the walnut, sweet gum logs, maybe some of the others....(although I'd really like it if someone made/gave me a box or bowl from some of it give my kids as a remembrance of their childhood home).

If you want to come look, let me know.


I have photos, lets see if I can figure out how to add them.


  • spalted maple closer up.JPG
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    ironwood hornbeam.JPG
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  • black walnut.JPG
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