1. B

    Finishing Workshop w/ Greg Paolini at The Woodworking Source

    Attended a great finishing workshop with Gregory Paolini at The Woodworking Source in Mooresville Saturday! There were around a dozen attendees and we covered the majority of the concerns of the group from "looking for that one miracle finish", to dyes and color matching. Rick provided lots of...
  2. Gregory Paolini

    June 4th - Hands on Finishing workshop at The Woodworking Source

    In this full day, hands on, finishing workshop, students will learn about various finishes available to the woodworking enthusiast, their pros and cons, and easy ways to apply those finishes. We’ll remove the mystery that shrouds the uses and compatibilities of the common woodworking solvents...
  3. Martin Roper

    Woodworking teacher needed (Apex)

    This might be an interesting opportunity for someone who is retired and likes to work with kids. Woodworking teacher needed (Apex) Dance & Woodworking teachers needed (Apex) Date: 2011-04-27, 8:17PM EDT Reply to: job-czjfb-2350132119@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]...
  4. bobby g

    Updated - 1/2 Price Popular Woodworking Magazine

    Ran across this a while ago, tried it and it worked. (I called Popular Woodworking to confirm that I was subscribed for 2 years). 2 years for $19.96! I don't recall if it has automatic renewal tied to it. https://secure.palmcoastd.com/pcd/document?ikey=0768niw02 bobby g Sorry.. I forgot to...
  5. MarkE

    A nice little woodworking project

  6. S

    Clamps for Woodworking - $25 (Chapel Hill)

    not mine http://raleigh.craigslist.org/tls/2315766061.html Clamps for Woodworking - $25 (Chapel Hill) Date: 2011-04-09, 7:59PM EDT Reply to: sale-xxeb5-2315766061@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?] Various clamps as pictured. 2 large wood clamps and 2 C clamps pictured...
  7. froglips

    Missing: April 2011 Popular Woodworking Magazine

    Procrastination has bit me (yet again). My copy never arrived in the mail. By the time I contacted Popular Woodworking, the issue was out of print. Totally my bad. If anyone is out and about and finds a copy on a newstand, I'd be grateful if you could snag me a copy. No luck finding...
  8. J

    Woodworking schools

    I have decided I want to learn using hand planes/sharpening as the next phase of my woodworking hobby. I think going to a school for several days would jump start this process and be fun to boot. Anybody have any experience with Gregory Paolini's classes? He is west of Asheville. I know about...
  9. manfre

    3 Phase woodworking equipment - $6000 (Pittsboro)

    3 Phase woodworking equipment - $6000 (Pittsboro) Date: 2011-04-01, 9:35AM EDT Reply to: sale-2kcbb-2298846285@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?] 3 phase equipment for sale Powermatic 16” planer • Model 160 • 5 hp • 12.6/6.3 Amps • 230/460 V • Original blade sharpening...
  10. A

    Woodworking Summer Camp Instructors needed

    I got this email via Charlotte Woodworkers. I know some members are college/grad students so this might be of interest to them. But I also wonder if they'd Alex be a camper/instructor!!! First: Jed Last: Dorfman Address: 1000 Cape Moonshine Rd City: Piermont State: NH Zip...
  11. W

    Woodworking magazine Autumn 2004

    If anyone has a copy of this journal, could you contact me on PM? I can't find it anywhere on line. thanksa for any help.
  12. Tarhead

    Woodworking Advice and Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwiches

    I saw this on Bob Lang's Blog and thought it needed repeating here. Sometimes we try too hard to answer the simple questions and for whatever reason send the wrong message...
  13. sash plane

    Woodworking Shop's in Charleston...

    Going to Charleston this weekend... Is there any good woodwork shops to crawl while I'm there..? Thank you
  14. Shamrock

    Germany and Woodworking Tourism

    Hey all, Looks like I might be going Germany soon and was wondering if anybody's got any woodworking related travel ideas? (i.e significant furniture on display at museums, local or international wood suppliers/distributers/retailers, any can't miss furniture stores or woodworking supply...
  15. christopheralan

    So, after ten years of woodworking...

    ...I turned my first pens. I have no idea why I waited this long. :dontknow: I did 4 slims and 2 .50 cals. Awosome time. I had to grind a spade bit down to a 7mm (forgot to get one...) and my pen mandrel was the wrong size (1/4" not 7mm). Oh well. Still had fun. Thanks for looking!
  16. Sawdust Denny

    Helping To Keep Interest in Woodworking Alive and Well

    We have been doing a remodeling project the past few weeks which has given me the opportunity to share my woodworking interest with some of the contractors and their sons. In the past two weeks I have had the privilege of showing three new turners how to make pens, two teenage brothers and a man...
  17. DWSmith

    Woodworking Class Question

    Okay. I make end grain cutting boards. Everyone makes them. Maybe we can make them better? I have been thinking about offering a 2 day hands-on class in the techniques of building good boards that I have come up with in the past 6 years of doing it full time. (I have made somewhere between...
  18. Douglas Robinson

    New Phase to Woodworking

    My daughter and son are now 12 and 10, respectively. Two nights ago I taught my daughter to make a pen. Tonight I taught my son and then we worked together on his Lego shelves. They should be done with one more evening's work. He is very good with the Domino. (Pics to follow tomorrow.) Anyway...
  19. T

    Charlotte NC has been added to the woodworking show tour

    hey just to let you know I found out that CHARLOTTE, NC has been added to the woodworking show tour for 2011... I am so glad they worked it out to make it back to NC but since it is last min most people probally will not know about it... I do not work for them but here is the link so others...
  20. book_case_012


    Book case

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