1. M

    Woodworking and Pesticides

    My dad had an overgrown red tip photinia come down in the storms here in Raleigh last week. I’ve heard this solid wood is good for turning so I was thinking of using it for that. However, I know for a fact this tree was sprayed with Sevin pesticide back in the 90s (nothing commercial grade, just...
  2. Artisan Pirate

    Harry Potter Inspired Magic Wands, Compound Cutting

    Harry Potter Inspired Magic Wands Made On The Scroll Saw! The designs are from a past issue of Scroll Saw & Woodworking Crafts Magazine magazine! I made one of the wands in an older video if you wanna see it https://youtu.be/MYmzqdWAfgw The pattern designer is Al Baggetta . ...
  3. Artisan Pirate

    V-Carved Sign For The 4th Of July, Video (Don't Tread On Me)

    I hope this is ok to post and is not controversial by the nature of the flag Hey Everyone! In this fun project, we make an awesome Dont Tread On Me Flag using the V-Carving method on the CNC Machine! This flag was made for a good friend of mine to go with his military collection and I hope...
  4. Artisan Pirate

    Wood Uses In Myths & Folklore (Finished Piece)

    Again, hope this is ok to post here Finally Got Around To Making A Proper Display For The Wood Species Uses In Mythology And Folklore The ten pieces of wood were just being moved around the shop as I needed space and I had time on hand and came up with this. I cut them all to a uniform length...
  5. andrew@carolinafarmstead

    Big Fancy Dining Table

    I'll post some pics of one of my favorite/most challenging builds. I went back and forth with an interior designer via sketches before finally coming up with a somewhat strange plan meant to compliment a set of chairs she had bought, and then had to figure out how to build the thing. My partner...
  6. Artisan Pirate

    Fretwork Basket, Scroll Saw Project Video

    Hey Everyone! In this scroll saw project video we make an amazing Fretwork Picnic Basket! This Steve Good Design uses 1/4 inch material and would be a great item to make to hold some fruit or candy! This project really shows off that a scroll saw can make some beautiful 3d objects! Hope you all...
  7. Artisan Pirate

    Dad's Workshop, Handsaw Sign

    Dad's Workshop Handsaw Sign Steve Good design uses 1/4 inches material and is a great project to make for Father's Day! I like how the handle is layered to give it a 3d effect. . ...
  8. Artisan Pirate

    Keychain For Tim Smith From The Show Moonshiners

    Yesterday at Down Home Harley Davidson, I got to meet Tim Smith from the show Moonshiners! He arrived with all smiles and was very humble, I even made him a custom keychain and cut out his Climax Moonshine name for him and he loved it! Hope this is ok to post here. #ArtisanPirate
  9. Artisan Pirate

    Rustic Fretwork Corner Shelf, Scroll Saw Project Video

    Hey Everyone And Happy Memorial Day If Your In The USA! In this scroll saw project video we make this amazing Classic Fretwork Corner Shelf that is themed to birds! The pattern uses 1/4 inch material and the pattern is from the Big Book Of Scroll Saw Woodworking by Fox Chapel Publishing. I think...
  10. Artisan Pirate

    Memorial Day, Scroll Saw Project

    As we go into this Memorial Day Weekend. Let's not forget about the true meaning of it. It's not about a cookout, it's not about the beach or the lake, it's not about beer or alcohol. It's about those who served and never came home.. This design is by Kenny Hopkins and is an older video of mine...
  11. Artisan Pirate

    Miniature Sailboat Diorama, Scroll Saw Project Video

    Hey Everyone! In this fun scroll saw project video, we make this amazing little Sailboat Diorama! This Steve Good design uses 1/4 inch material for everything except the base which can be 1/2 or 3/4 inch material. This Sailboat (or Pirate Ship) would be perfect to make for the beach lover in...
  12. Artisan Pirate

    Lighthouse Portrait

    Lighthouse Scroll Saw Portrait. The design is from @scrollsawvillage and is cut from 1/4 inch material with 1/4 inch backer board. I cut out the entire portrait with number 5 reverse tooth blades. The frame is ripped down blue pine that I ripped down into one inch square strips which I then...
  13. Artisan Pirate

    May The 4th Be With You, Baby Yoda Portrait

    May The 4th Be With You! Baby Yoda In His Crib H. Botas Design uses 1/4 inch material for the scroll work and 3/4 inch material for the backer board. I have never seen any of the Star Wars movies . ...
  14. Artisan Pirate

    V Carved Canteen Sign For The Boys & Girls Club

    SABGC (Boys and Girls Club) V Carved Canteen Sign Designed in =AT0WJRgJ36C_uWyZHB6gOzE9IMKVCry3z0HuuTY7oStzKqYVN76n3yjIV8PRtx9J6Xa33v2DE_WWn_xqWCC-TybKW4zQje4Upfzu70IZLOCCgM35rDoLCiHnMyAo9FA1TjRvisFLJj59Q-JQDLDForGx9iLkSbBSICiR6oRqQwAUXSnK7vHaXxoUj0nflPvJfdQcPqExBPMLww']@vectricltd and I used a...
  15. Willw21

    Stanley No. 78 Scrub Plane Conversion

    I came across this post a while back and thought it was a neat idea. I recently found a No. 78 Made in England that was missing the fence and depth stop and decided to convert it to a scrub plane à la Paul Sellers. There was a fair bit of rust and the previous owner had put some deep scratches...
  16. Willw21

    Beautiful Handcarved Garden Gate

    I was scrolling through some news articles last night and this story from the Guardian popped up, thought it may be of interest to some on this forum. Is this the world’s greatest gate? The Gate Appreciation Society thinks so The gate is beautiful and it's location sure doesn't hurt, but the...
  17. Artisan Pirate

    Backpacking Stick Figures, Scroll Saw Video

    Hey Everyone! In this scroll saw project video, I make some neat backpacking stick figures from an amazing book by Fox Chapel Publishing! These amazing and unique stick figures are a great way to use up the ever accumulating scrap wood! Hope you all like the video! #ArtisanPirate
  18. Willw21

    Greetings From Winston-Salem

    Hello everyone! My name is Will and I live in Winston-Salem. I have worked in the concert industry for many years, but have started to take time off from that to pursue other interests, one of which is woodworking. About a year ago I started working with a landscape design company here in WS...
  19. Artisan Pirate

    Counter Top Bookshelf, Scroll Saw Project Video

    Hey everyone! In this scroll saw project video we make a nice little Counter Top Book Stand to house the amazing books Fox Chapel Publishing sent me! This Steve Good design uses 1/4 inch material and can be finished in a variety of ways! Hope you all like the video! #ArtisanPirate
  20. Artisan Pirate

    My Delta Scroll Saws

    Hey Everyone! In this video we discuss my Delta Machinery Scroll Saws in the workshop! I get a lot of messages about the make and model of the saws and what I like and or dislike about them and overall why I chose Delta. I hope this video answers these questions! #ArtisanPirate

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