1. NCWW outreach Trailer

    NCWW outreach Trailer

  2. DanR

    Looking to rent a flatbed truck or trailer (or hire a moving service)

    Hi Folks, I have 12,000 pounds of Cypress sitting at Ivey's place in Burgaw. I need to get it to Hillsborough. I had scheduled a trailer rental from hertz Equipment and when I got there there was a problem. They then offered me a flatbed truck, but the truck won't start :( Does anyone know...
  3. T

    4x8 folding trailer, $111 9/25 at Northern Tool

    Northern Tool in Concord has their demo day going on. They have their 4' x 8' folding trailer on sale for $111. I think this is basically the same as the HF one, and probably this one without the tires. There are two boxes which are pretty small - you shouldn't have a problem fitting them in...
  4. MikeH

    I need a trailer asap...

    All, I found a ride mower that I need to pick up tonight if possible. It's a Murray ride mower and not real big. Is there anyone in Charlotte that has a trailer that I can borrow tonight and I'll bring it back tomorrow? I've tapped my 2 resources here on NCWW and our schedules aren't working...
  5. PeteM

    Rough Cut Show Trailer
  6. Trailer


    Trailer Refurbishing
  7. Trailer


    Trailer Refurbishing
  8. Trailer


    Trailer Refurbishing
  9. A

    Need a Trailer in Triangle

    I have a customer that is donating a Southbend Metal Lathe to the Tech Shop Durham, They have a dedicated member, Dr. Chuck Britton a former teacher of of mine, that has a truck and can go get the lathe in Lexington, NC but they need a flat bed trailer. Does anyone...
  10. HF Trailer

    HF Trailer

    Harbor Freight Trailer folded up and stored in the shop.
  11. A

    CLT Craig's List Travel Trailer

    for $ 1,000 there's gotta be something wrong with it: None the less if you need one this could be a good buy.
  12. WoodWrangler

    Trailer in Charlotte?

    Does anyone have a trailer that could hold 350 board feed of lumber that I could borrow tomorrow (Sunday)? :eusa_thin:eusa_thin Need to make a trip from Charlotte up to Hickory to visit with Woodguy and pickup some lumber. :eusa_danc
  13. Tarhead

    Drillpress + Trailer Jack?

    My drillpress was made for production so there is no way to adjust the table height other than manhandling it. It's heavy and precision is not easy without 3 hands. I saw this idea mentioned over at Woodnet and adapted it to fit my needs. The Trailer Jack is a Harbor Freight special with...
  14. nelsone

    Utility Trailer?

    Anyone in the Charlotte area know of a utility trailer thats for sale? I am thinking I need about a 5x8 or 5x10 for lumber hauling.
  15. frigator

    Trailer buying tips

    Man I need a trailer. My pickup just doesnt cut it, need something to haul lumber and equipment. Would like something like 16ft, flat bed, double axle that can handle some weight. Have owned many boat trailers but never an equipment trailer. Any tips on what to get and where to get it? Been...

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