1. TracyP

    Hijacked thread

    I think this post in the thread in the post about Greg Poliolini teaching at Rick's place is in bad taste and should be removed. Thoughts please!!!!!! She just posted a complete list of classes so there should be no need to...
  2. TracyP

    Thread Deleted

    I deleted the thread in general woodworking from morningwoodjewelery. For two reasons, first the user name could be perceived as sexual in nature. Secondly, (and the reason I stated in the thread deletion) the first pic on his website was of a man with his middle finger in the air. I am half...
  3. TracyP

    Closed Thread

    I closed the latest off topic thread with what I hope was a positive post. I hope it don't come back to bite me in the butt.:nah::nah:
  4. Mt. Gomer

    Deleted Delta Tenoning Jig thread...

    .. from the hot deals forum. Here's the post and my IM.
  5. J

    Insert SketchUp into Thread

    How do I do this? I tried it awhile back, but got an error message stating that it wasn't supported (couldn't be done). I've seen a few recent threads that have SU in them. Thanks.
  6. toolman

    Goals Thread Closed

    As per 2 posts in I have closed the goals Thread.. We can reopen or start a new one when Tracy get his feet running.
  7. TracyP

    Thread Moved

    The thread Steve started on his resignation has been moved to the corporate member's forum. This was in public view. Now it is in view of the core members only,
  8. eyekode

    Wood screws: Moxon double screw vise and thread for leg vise

    Thanks to Tom (toolferone) I got the chance to use a Beall wood threading kit like this one: Pretty cool kit. Especially the tap that has a guide in front of the threads to make sure you are taping in line with your pilot hole. First...
  9. R

    I just closed the Are You Being Ripped Off thread

    This thread, started by Bruce, had just about died. Jeff and David tried to stir it back up. I closed the thread. It's now political and argumentative. Let me know if I over reacted.
  10. R

    Pulled a thread by JackLeg

    I admit that I did see JackLeg's post about the New Jersey edition of Windows XP ( )and that sometimes work gets in the way of moderating. PeteM sent me the following PM A while ago You sent me this message: I pulled...
  11. eyekode

    Thread box and tap for wood screws?

    The bench I am working on will have a leg vise. My current metal vise has taken a bite out of my chisel, dented the handle of my mallet, and put black marks on lots of work pieces. Ok, alright I might have had something to do with that :). But my next vise I would prefer a wood screw. Does...
  12. froglips

    Favorite Thread tool....

    Barbara asked a great question on saving favorite threads. I found a plugin that might fit the bill. vbFavorites. Its got a solid install base and a decent track record of...
  13. R

    Posting a Poll to a Thread

    Merrill77 (Chris) wants to add a poll ( ) ... when I check, I have that ability... but it could be based on my secret super powers as a moderator. Can the general membership add a poll? And all of this begs the...
  14. TracyP

    Watch this new thread Y'all know the discussion that could result from this new member thread.
  15. R

    Moved Bob's thread on injured hand

    Bob C posted a thread called Pain of Stupidity. Since it was about a shop accident, I moved it to the Safety forum. I sent him a pm to explain: Bob, I moved your thread to the Safety and Health forum. It's where members post...
  16. crokett

    Yet Another Sharpening Thread

    So last night I attempted to sharpen the blade for my #7. The edge had some nicks and the bevel was a little pitted. I have a Veritas MKII. I've read enough that I understand (or thought I did) the basic process with the various grits of sand paper. I've also watched some of the Lee Valley...
  17. ScottM

    My thread

    I am not stirring up problems but let me explain this thread: I invited all the wood suppliers to attend the picnic so that a wood run was a part of the event. Only Chris took me up on the offer. This thread is not a means to get...
  18. cskipper

    Cathy questions a thread title

    "Erniem is a god"??? I didn't moderate this because a Senior Moderator and another Moderator posted on the thread which I take as tacit acceptance of the title. I realize the poster is new, that he didn't use a capital G of god, and I don't think the poster meant that Ernie is an actual God...
  19. SteveColes

    Thread soft deleted

    I just soft deleted a thread. I also sent the poster the following PM> If you think I'm wrong, then just undelete it
  20. Gotcha6

    Thread Moved

    The following Thread was moved from Woodworking Forum to Off Topic: This PM was sent to Mark:

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