1. Mt. Gomer

    Bin Laden Thread

    I deleted this thread: As much as I think most of us probably agree with the sentiment nothing good will come of it and it doesn't belong at NCWW... I'll IM the OP... Travis
  2. TracyP

    A Good Thread But.....

    There seems to be some anger in some of the posts. It is not bad at this time but could turn ugly in a split second. Please keep a watchful eye on it. Thanks!!
  3. Trent Mason

    Introductions thread started

    Just wanted to let you all know that I started a thread for the BOD candidates introductions and a pm has been sent to each of them to remind them to post their intros. I hope you all have had a great weekend. :thumbs_up:thumbs_up Trent
  4. Glennbear

    Workshop Electrical Thread

    I edited a post in this thread that seemed to violate site policy in it's content. :wsmile: I sent a PM to Pete explaining my actions.
  5. T

    My STUPID weight loss thread title! (SORRY)

    For those of you who read my post on my new weight, where the title was about losing my daughter, I AM SORRY. It was late and I was thinking about a play on misplaced not the other bad thought. In the morning I saw a few responses and realized how bad it looked. I removed the whole thread. My...
  6. TracyP

    Watch this thread please It has no business here and will probably need to be taken down soon.
  7. mgoins

    Would like thread re-opened

    Good evening. Am writing to request a moderator reopen a thread. I'd like to post an update to it. Thanks.
  8. S

    Here's why I think the "Really" thread needs to go away

    I have really struggled with whether to express this thought over the past few days and seeing the development of the "Really" thread. Personally, I think that thread needs to be unapproved. There has been quite a bit of hostility unleashed in that thread that has been dispensed under the guise...
  9. Mike Davis

    Thread got me thinking

    So, I have donated my time, materials and provided lunch for some fellow members for free in sharpening workshops with more scheduled. Yes, they had some expense in driving to my home and using their time, but may have done that anyway. My quandary is that some folks charge from $50 to $100...
  10. Douglas Robinson

    Please keep an eye on the "Really?" thread

    This has the potential to go bad. Thanks, Doug
  11. scsmith42

    Need thread re-opened.

    Could a mod please reopen the following thread (the Roubo workbench slab thread)? I'd like to post an update to it. Thx.
  12. S

    thread moved to moderation area: DW788

    Rather than sift threw and edit Charle's comments in the original DW788 thread I just moved the whole thing to the moderation area. What needs to be done? Here are some options 1) Remove Charle's comments. He asked me to do that. 2) Leave the whole thread "unapproved" so that it doesn't appear...
  13. S

    reopen thread?

    Regarding a thread I recently closed, I received the following in an email from Charles Lent. My gut feeling is to reopen the thread so that Charles can add this information minus that part "I think it was stolen". What say you? "Jay, I just went and looked at the saw that you closed the...
  14. S

    Thread moved

    I moved this thread from Off Topic into the Power Tools forum since it seemed more appropriate there. Can't believe I figured out how to do this without wiping out the entire forum :eusa_danc :rotflm:
  15. eyekode

    iPad thread navigation?

    Just wondering if anyone has hints on the best way to browse threads on the ipad? The only real problem I have is I cannot figure out how to browse the hybrid view. For example when looking for the new posts I want to be able to scroll in the threaded view of the responses. But I cannot figure...
  16. C

    Interesting thread in Mod Admin

    Hope everyone is following this Click here: Is it just me? - North Carolina Woodworker I think some important things are being discussed and some good points are being raised. I'm tempted but don't wanna join in it yet but we're going to be taxed with this sooner or later.
  17. S

    thread moderation: double post in Gen'l WW

    There was a double post in the General Woodworking section. Here is a link to the second post: I edited the original post to include Don's missing picture and placed the second post in moderation to keep all the responses to his thread...
  18. Gotcha6

    Problem with this Thread location

    I don't feel this thread belongs in the FFS/HD Forum as it isn't really appropriate there. :icon_scra I do feel it belongs in the OT, but the problem there is that some members may need this info that have opted out of that Forum. :dontknow: The real reason I'm making this suggestion is that...
  19. ptt49er

    Closed a thread

    Guys, I closed this thread It wasn't going anywhere good or being productive.
  20. TracyP

    A new thread leader is just around the corner

    The most replied to thread leader that is. This thread is single digits away from being the most replied to thread ever on North Carolina Woodworker. The current leader is Monty's Workbench thread.

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