1. Motor Access Hole

    Motor Access Hole

    Table saw blade fully retracted, tilted to 45 degrees.
  2. Table Support Detail

    Table Support Detail

    Angle iron attached to mounting block with 1/4'' bolt and T-nut. Mounting blocks are screwed, and glued, to table. Top is 5/8'' particle board covered with laminate. Underside of table is reinforced with 5/8'' x 1-1/2'' particle board.
  3. Angle Iron Table Mount

    Angle Iron Table Mount

    1-1/4'' x 3/16'' heavy-duty angle iron table support. Short pieces of angle iron are used to attach the table support to existing holes in the table saw. Note shims (washers) between angle iron and table top assembly.
  4. Motor


    Closeup of motor in table top clearance hole.
  5. Adjustable Foot.

    Adjustable Foot.

    Coaster required on sloped floor.
  6. Adjustable Foot.

    Adjustable Foot.

    Whoops! Had to add small wooden disk to increase height of foot.
  7. Fold-up Table Leg

    Fold-up Table Leg

    Shown folded up position.
  8. Fold-up Table Leg

    Fold-up Table Leg

    Shown folded down with leg locked. Knob is inexpensive lawn mower handle-replacement from Borg. Carriage bolt is 5/16'' x 4''L.
  9. PowerMatic 64A Fold-Up Outfeed Table

    PowerMatic 64A Fold-Up Outfeed Table

  10. PowerMatic 64A Outfeed Table

    PowerMatic 64A Outfeed Table

    PowerMatic 64A Aircraft Carrier.
  11. Table Dimensions

    Table Dimensions

    Full table: 46-1/2''D x 52-1/2''W. Permanent table: 12-1/2''D x 52-1/2''W Folding table: 31-1/2''D x 52-1/2''W
  12. Outfeed Table Raised

    Outfeed Table Raised

    Full table dimension in folded-up position is 46-1/2'' deep x 52-1/2'' wide.
  13. Outfeed Table Folded Down

    Outfeed Table Folded Down

    The small permanently attached table is 12-1/2''D x 52-1/2''W, large fold-up table is 32-1/2''D x 52-1/2''W.
  14. Motor


    Motor shown with blade down, tilted to 45 degrees.
  15. DIYGUY

    Rockwell Tablesaw on CL

    Usual disclaimers - not mine and no connection to seller. Looks like a fun project for someone with the time and the $$ though ... BTW - do we have a Forum policy on these types of posts?? Don't want to upset the fraternity ...
  16. Jon

    New tablesaw Gloat For you Dave actual shop pics!

    Picked it up From Tom In Concordthis morning and got home at 11PM and unloaded it and Waxed the Cast iron. Very nice saw. I will need to wire in a 220 circuit tomorrow and get a blade on it and make some saw dust. Thank You Tom.
  17. froglips

    CL RTP: Another $40 tilt top craftsman tablesaw...

    Oh the humanity...... $40 What is the limit for the number of table saws one person dare own???? Jim
  18. froglips

    CL: $50 Steal on old tablesaw.... Old time Craftsman tablesaw and a B&D wormdrive circ saw and belt sander only $50!!!! If only I didn't already have a pile of such tools laying around..... Jim
  19. Travis Porter

    Sliding tablesaw

    It seems I have convince the LOML to let me upgrade up my tablesaw set up from a cabinet saw to a slider. :eusa_danc What features/capabilities should I look for? I am not interested in what brand is better than the other, but more so what should it be capable of. I do some cabinets...
  20. WoodWrangler

    Opinions on sub $500 tablesaw wanted

    A buddy of mine is looking for a tablesaw in he sub $500 range and wanted some opinions. My initial thought was ... spend more! :lol: What are your opinions on good saws in this range for general hobbiest woodworking? Here is one he is considering ...

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