1. L

    tablesaw safety question

    I just turned my tablesaw on to cut a dado cut in my routertop when I heard something hit the floor behind the saw. I turned it off and found a piece of metal about 1 1/4 inch long. It is about 1/8 inch on all four sides. I have looked all over the back and can't determine where it came from...
  2. woodworker2000

    Raleigh CL - Delta Sliding Table for Tablesaw or Shaper $200

    I don't know if this is a good or not but I saw this sliding table for sale on Raleigh CL for $200: DELTA SLIDING TABLE for tablesaw or shaper. It looks to be in like new condition.
  3. Wine Cellar WIP

    Wine Cellar WIP

    My Oops while cutting narrow strips broke the casting whent push stick grabbed!! USE A ZERO CLEARANCE INSERT, DUMMY!
  4. froglips

    Raleigh Craiglist: Shopsmith 2000 Tablesaw only $250!

    I don't know anything bout this specific seller/saw, just passing along something I "saw". Jim ~~SHOPSMITH 2000 TABLE SAW~~ - $250 Reply to: Date: 2006-09-09, 2:28PM EDT ShopSmith 2000 Table Saw with...
  5. rick7938

    Tablesaw Shopping

    My CFO has authorized the purchase of a new tablesaw for my birthday. I have read many threads about the features of a number of different tablesaws. I have looked at the Rigid 3650 and have looked at the Delta Contractor Saw at Lowe's with the variety of fence choices. Either will serve well...
  6. woodworker2000

    Powermatic 71 Tablesaw for sale - Raleigh CL

    Not mine but it seems like it would be a good deal for those with sufficient time to restore/assemble it ($400). See link:
  7. froglips

    Idea for tablesaw blade guard...

    Ok, asking all you out of tinkeres out there. My "idea" is some sort of solid wood "block" that would mount over the saw blade. Something you raise the blade into. Splitter of some sort attached to the wood. Some sort of finger board type thing to prevent kickback. Aka, nails in...
  8. dtomasch

    binding tablesaw

    A table saw question... I have a 1970's Walker Turner 2 HP cabinet sytle saw. When I rip boards (especially maple, wh.Oak) the fence side of the blade burns the wood and there is a slight binding at the end of the rip. My blade is square (ie plumb) and my fence is as well. Is it possible...
  9. L

    Adjustments for Ridgid tablesaw

    I have a Ridgid tablesaw with no manual. Can someone explain how to adjust the fence to keep it straight. When I measure the fence to the blade from end to end it isn't the same. When I try to rip a piece of hardwood the wood seems to bind making me unconfortable so I find myself ripping my...
  10. sapwood

    Tablesaw Tuneup Team

    Mike and his able assistant Colin stopped by today to install a new arbor and bearings on my ailing Grizzy tablesaw. Whew! I would have been in so much trouble attempting this on my own 8-O In a couple of hours they completed the installation, aligned CI top to blade, and adjusted the fence. Now...
  11. Tablesaw sled

    Tablesaw sled

    Tablesaw sled
  12. Tablesaw sled

    Tablesaw sled

    Tablesaw sled
  13. Tablesaw sled

    Tablesaw sled

    Tablesaw sled
  14. Tablesaw sled

    Tablesaw sled

    Tablesaw sled
  15. Sharp Blade

    waxing my tablesaw top.

    What wax should I use to coat my saws top? The manual just says to use wax. (Gee, thanks guys!) My saw is the Ryobi BT3100.
  16. Travis Porter

    Martin tablesaw

    Figured I would let you all see this monster I saw at counterpoint's today. It is one massive piece of solid cast iron. I would love to have it, but it is already sold. Glad of it as I probably couldn't afford it.
  17. Travis Porter

    Tablesaw crosscut sled

    I want to build a tablesaw crosscut sled. I have two Incra miter slot bars, and have checked out several of the pictures people have posted, but how do you make sure you have your bars straight before you mount them so that you get a perfect 90 degree cut off? Reason I am doing this, I am not...
  18. Canuck

    Tablesaw to Enge Sander?

    Hi All, I have an old Crafstman direct drive 8 inch table saw tucked away in the corner and was wondering if it would be possible to remove the blade and convert it to an edge sander? Would I just need to try and find an 8 inch sanding disk that will slide onto the arbor? Or...
  19. Ken Massingale

    Tablesaw Router Fence

    A daughter presented me with a Woodpecker QuickLift for use between the rails of my Ridgid TS3650. This created the need for a router fence to attach the the rip fence. I threw this one together on the fly. It's just a rectangular box with 4 partitions inside, 2 of them being to create the...
  20. Panel Raising Jig - Raising position

    Panel Raising Jig - Raising position

    Cutting a 11 degree bevel on the front side of a door panel -- I usually do a pre-cut 1/8" deep on face to avoid chipout and to form a nicer reveal.

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