1. welldigger

    Help: Tablesaw out of commission

    I set up my Ridgid table saw with my Freud stacked dado head today and a shim got stuck in the arbor thread and ruined the threads on my arbor. Has anybody ever replaced the arbor on a Ridgid TS? Is it hard to replace? Can I just put a washer between the nut and the arbor flange?
  2. L

    Question about sled for tablesaw

    I see many sleds on tablesaws where a piece of wood can be cut leaving a true straight cut. These saws are quite large with a fence on the back and front. They appear to be as big as my table itself. I don't understand how one that large can be used unless some tablesaws are larger than mine...
  3. Wixey Digital Tables Saw Fence Readout

    Wixey Digital Tables Saw Fence Readout

    The Wixey ''twins'' arrived! The TS Fence Digital Readout system with a free Angle Gauge tossed in -- on sale from Woodcraft online for $99.99 inclusing shipping! Oh, and that booklet in the background?
  4. pslamp32

    Delta 36-979 tablesaw...

    So I almost pulled the trigger on the Ridgid TS3650 for the $466 at the Borg today but couldn't stand the thought of my beloved Unifence gathering sawdust so I hopped on an Amazon deal for a 36-979 for $390 with free shipping. Saved me over $100 after the tax on the Ridgid and I get to keep the...
  5. air force 1

    Tablesaw miter gage slide adjustment

    If your miter guide is loose in the track, take a punch and make about 3 indents along each side of the runner (one on each end and one in the middle), if to tight, file untill it fits. This takes all the play out of your miter gage. Joe
  6. jonnyfontaine

    need piece cut with a tablesaw and tapering jig

    hi, i need to cut a piece of ebony (a fretboard for a guitar) with a slight taper on both sides with a table saw... the cut is really important so it needs to be very exact, the ebony is slotted for the frets already so it has 22 small kerfs in it... i've been told that to avoid chipping or any...
  7. Travis Porter

    Sliding tablesaw outrigger alignment

    I am trying to get my outrigger fence aligned on my sliding tablesaw, and quite frankly, I can say it has been a PITA. For those unfamiliar with what an outrigger is (I was until I started looking at these things), it is the big cross cut assembly that you can cross cut an entire sheet of...
  8. B

    Tablesaw Question ...

    My workshop consists of a one car garage, so space is at a premium. My questions is, how close should my table saw get to the garage door. It's a Delta combination saw with a cast iron top. I'm worried that if I put the saw too closely to the door the top might start to rust. I'd really like...
  9. R

    Jet Tablesaw

    Ceck out craigslist Greenville/upstate SC. Looks like a good deal $390. It would really look good in my shop. But right now my cash flow is like the name Jet.:crybaby2:Sounds like a good deal for somebody though. Happy Holidays everyone!:eusa_danc
  10. Adjustable Feet

    Adjustable Feet

    Adjustable feet makes it easy to accommodate uneven floors.
  11. Legs Folded Up

    Legs Folded Up

    To fold the legs up, remove the Locking Knobs and swing the legs assembly to the right.
  12. Leg Hinge & Locking Knob

    Leg Hinge & Locking Knob

    The 5/16'' hinge bolt is attached to 1-1/4'' angle iron used for mounting out-feed table. Locking knob is a lawnmower handle replacement knob, epoxied to 5/16'' threaded rod. Keywords: PowerMatic 64A Fold-up Outfeed Table Tablesaw Support Leg
  13. Fold-up Support Legs

    Fold-up Support Legs

    Outboard support legs are required to accommodate additional weight of extension table, accessory drawer, and outfeed table. Remove two locking screws to fold the legs up to move the saw.
  14. Miter Gauge Dado Alignment Jig

    Miter Gauge Dado Alignment Jig

    This jig is used to align the dado slots to the table saw miter track. The jig consists of a 2-3/4" x 45" piece of hardwood. Plane thickness to 3/4"; for snug fit in the miter track. A 21" x 1-1/4" notch on one end is required to clear the template.
  15. Miter Gauge T-Track

    Miter Gauge T-Track

    Additional 5/8'' support blocks required under miter T-track.
  16. PowerMatic 64A Outfeed Table

    PowerMatic 64A Outfeed Table

    Note how the extra 5'' of miter track is utilized with the cross-cut sled.
  17. PowerMatic 64A Outfeed Table

    PowerMatic 64A Outfeed Table

    This photograph illustrates how much safer it will be to use this large crosscut sled with the outfeed table.
  18. Motor Access Hole Template

    Motor Access Hole Template

    The age-old tradition of trial-and-error was used to determine size and location of the motor access hole. The template was used to route the hole.
  19. Setup for Cutting the  Miter Slots.

    Setup for Cutting the Miter Slots.

    This picture was taken after-the-fact, so you need to use your imagination to understand how this works. Install the table on temporary riser blocks (this is necessary to allow clearance for the router bit between the table saw and extension table). Temporarily place the Aluminum T-Track in...
  20. Miter Gauge Template

    Miter Gauge Template

    Location of the two T-slot Aluminum Miter gauge tracks must be dead on. The gap between the miter bar and the track is 0.005" on either side. The template was made for use with a top-bearing 1/4' height template bit.

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