1. Tarhead

    New Granite Topped Tablesaw From Steel City

    Now this is different!
  2. Ralrick

    Powermatic Tablesaw - adding an extension

    I just bought a powermatic 64 tablesaw with the 30" Biesemeyer fence. I need to add an extension to complete the right side of the table between the rails. I can order one from powermatic but it is $136 and it just a laminate top. Are there aftermarket extensions that will fit this saw or it...
  3. alleng

    tablesaw blade?

    hey guys,my question is this,....i have the ridgid 5650,it came with a thin kerf gp blade that leaves a little to be desired to say the least.should i stick with a thin kerf blade,or can i use and get better results with a thick kerf blade? your imput will be appreciated,as there are at least a...
  4. Toddler

    Powermatic 10" tablesaw on CL for $850

    It's not specified if it's 1 or 3 phase in the listing. Has a "roller table" and blades. Powermatic 10" industrial table saw w/ extras Todd
  5. BCT08 - Angle Braces

    BCT08 - Angle Braces

    Cutting the Angle blocks for the supports for the Bubinga Countertop
  6. Tarhead

    Rust Removal by Electrolysis for Tablesaw Tops (without removing the top)

    I saw this site referenced for rust removal in another group. It shows the standard soak in a tub of electrolyte solution w/battery charger method in the first half. The second half details how to use a rag soaked in solution for spot electroysis on a tablesaw top. FRETS.COM Machining I would...
  7. alleng

    taper jig for tablesaw

    any advice,or a plan for making a taper jig for my tablesaw? i know they are pretty cheap,but if i could make one from scraps i have that would be even better
  8. JimThomasson

    Tablesaw tenoning jig at Woodcraft

    Have any of you picked up on the sale of the tablesaw tenoning jig from Woodcraft. Normal $89.95 now $59.95 Is it well made? Is it an effective accessory? Quality of the tenons made? I've been eyeing the one from Griz for a while, but can run over to Woodcraft and not pay shipping!
  9. J

    Brown headlights and tablesaw tops

    What do these two have in common?. Both can be cleaned with Mother's Mag Wheel Polish. A few months back there was a posting on another site about using Mother's Mag Wheel Polish on saw tops. I tried it and was impressed with how easy it is to slide wood over saw top. Well, my wife's Ford...
  10. Travis Porter

    Tablesaw issue

    Now that I have fixed the arbor nut on my saw, I seem to have discovered a new issue. I got the miter slots parallel to the blade no problem there. I square the blade up to the left side of the top adjust the stops looks good. For some reason, I decide to put the square on the right side...
  11. PowerMatic 64A Contractor Table Saw

    PowerMatic 64A Contractor Table Saw

    Dust Collection Modification.
  12. alleng

    ridgid tablesaw

    hey guys,i was looking at the ridgid 3650 tablesaw at the local hd,read reviews online,all seem to be pretty good.price is about what i can afford.i see from some of the post on here that at least a couple of you have this saw and was wondering if it is as good as they say,it sounds like a good...
  13. Travis Porter

    Tablesaw extension table

    I am going to make a new extension table for my tablesaw. The one I have on it is 15 years old. It is a piece of melamine, isn't quite long enough, and is pretty much worn out. For the new one, I am going to put formica on it, but I plan on going cheap and using what I have. Question is...
  14. JimThomasson

    The Microsoft Compatible Tablesaw

    You may not be aware of it but there are two basic types of table saws, the Microsoft compatible and the non-Microsoft compatible table saw. The Microsoft compatible saw is by far the most predominate type. However, the non-Microsoft compatible table saw is a technically superior...
  15. A

    Tablesaw topside dust collection . . . possible solution? *w/pic*

    I have never liked overarm tablesaw blade guards and dust pickups- for a couple of reasons. First, the piping gets in the way, second, too much bulky mounting hardware and plastic crap around and partially obscuring the blade, and not too good at capturing the dust. So I have never used one...
  16. Travis Porter

    Tablesaw arbor nut comes loose - and I now know why

    I have a PM 66 Tablesaw with a zero clearance insert. One of the ones you buy premade. Occassionally now, the arbor nut will come loose when I turn the saw off. The first couple of times I thought maybe I didn't tighten the nut properly, but just this past time it did it and I know I...
  17. P Crews

    Stand for the tablesaw

    Hi all. I upgraded my tablesaw stand to a shopmade one. I was unhappy with the set up I had with the standard metal base. I had tools hanging off the side and kept knocking the fences off of the right side with the shopvac, and the drawers were too small to be very usefull. Now I have two nice...
  18. M


    I have been saving my change for awhile now looking to purchase a new tablesaw. I was mainly looking at a Delta 3hp unisaw. Now I see that Jet has this offer going [JET 708663BK] Jet 10" 3HP Cabinet saw JTAS-XL Includes Bosch 1617EVS Router, Router Plate, Base, and Cabinet which for 1099.00...
  19. P Crews

    Tablesaw quit working

    I had an unhappy start to my morning. My tablesaw won't work. It's a Craftsman older model 10" contractor tablesaw. I turned it on and the motor whined but the blade didn't turn. I unplugged it and cleaned it out with the shopvac and airhose. The blade will move freely when turned. I...
  20. Tarhead

    Homemade Tablesaw Fence Rails

    After reading a few postings about making your own rails for a Biesemeyer fence I decided I would attempt it. Background: Prior to this I found a Unisaw without a fence or rails. Then found a Biesemeyer commercial fence but no rails. The cost of new Bies. rail set was more than I had in the...

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