1. Berta

    Honey Locust

    I just finished these two pieces. The Hummingbird vase is 7" tall. The corner shelf is about 11". 1/4" Honey locust.
  2. ScottM

    One more scroller

    Due to a cancellation I have an opening for at least one more scroller at my workshop this weekend. No experience required. This will be scrollsaw 101 for those who want to learn.
  3. ebarr

    UPDATE: Scroller pattern Help please

    OK, so I some of you may know I am getting married in a few weeks :gar-Bi My soon to be wifey was looking at wedding cake toppers and likes this View image in gallery But I think it is crazy what they want to charge for it. Of course she turns to me and says "Can't you make that" Why of...
  4. mbeach

    New Scroller... any info on learning?

    I am getting a scroll saw in the next week or so. I have never done this before and want to learn. Any websites? videos? books? etc. to learn from that people recommend? Thanks Mike
  5. PChristy

    Scroller Sue Mey

    Just to let all of you scrollers that know of or may have seen Sue Mey's work in the Scroll mags - her youngest sister at 44 has suffered a stroke - she is recovery - Don't know if any of you remember - she also lost her brother to cancer earlier this year
  6. cskipper

    A scroller's question for sawyers

    I do have a question for sawyers in general. I realize that "you guys" would probably not find cutting thinner wood financially feasible. As a scroller, 4/4 thickness almost never is useful to me. I don't have the ability to re-saw wood (current location of LOML versus shop), and even if I...
  7. NCTurner

    RAL CL Wanted ad Scroller

    Not mine and if it needs moved, please do so. Thanks. Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Date: 2009-05-06, 8:24PM EDT Have three, flat, hardwood panels 10" x 17" that need scrolling. Not that intricate but beyond my ability and patience. Will pay...
  8. rcflyer23

    Get'em while their young or Future Scroller

    I started working on the pineapples before dinner and my son wanted to join in on the fun. So I grabbed a scrap piece of wood popped a hole in it and let him play. I actually turned the saw for a little bit at LOW RPM and explained to him where his hands go and that the blade would hurt him...
  9. Bas

    NC Scroller is now ScottM

    I think it's not just about having a more personable name, but also to reflect Scott's expanding interest in other types of woodworking (cabinetry, turning etc.). Whatever the reason, goodbye NC Scroller, welcome ScottM! :banana:
  10. JackLeg

    Calling All Scroller's

    OK, scrollsaw jockeys! Just in time for Christmas are some new ornament patterns in the latest issue of Woodcraft magazine. Check them out on Page 62. I know some of you guys can knock these out in time for trimming the tree! Enjoy! :wsmile:
  11. Partman

    Happy Birthday NC Scroller

    Happy Birthday Scott !!! Have a good one.:icon_thum Danny
  12. farmerbw

    Help, need a scroller in the Raleighwood area!!

    Q:Anyone know what you get when you mix a devilish 2 year old boy, a rambunctious 1 year old Welshie spaniel, and big sisters favorite step stool? A: The pics below and a very upset 5 year old big sister.:gar-Cr So, as the pics show, the "e" met Welshie and lost!:help: So I'm looking for...
  13. sawduster

    I blame NC Scroller

    ......for lending me the book :slap: These things are a lot of fun and an excellent chance to practice finishing techniques :icon_thum The 2 on the right I designed myself The Shoppe Widow is fond of the incense oils that you heat with tealights and she wanted something to keep them all in...
  14. Pop

    Directions to Tri-county Scroller show in Lancaster, Pa.

    I had sent this in another post for some who were coming up to the Pa. show June 7 in Lancaster, Pa. They (Dick and Rita Cunningham) were leaving from the Apex, NC. area. I thought I'd share it with all in case other were contemplating the trip. I see where you are located and the best way up...
  15. cskipper

    Happy birthday NC Scroller!

    :new_birth I hope you have a wonderful day with many more to follow!

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