1. Wooden Rose

    Wooden Rose

    This rose was made from wood shavings.
  2. Rose Intarsia

    Rose Intarsia

    None of the pieces are finished or glued yet. They have been sanded and wiped down with Mineral Spirits.
  3. Scalloped top pedestal table

    Scalloped top pedestal table

  4. Shaker Writing Table by Larry Rose

    Shaker Writing Table by Larry Rose

  5. Walnut Table

    Walnut Table

    Walnut table with mahogany, cherry and walnut veneers
  6. Joe Scharle

    Happy Birthday Larry Rose

  7. Canuck

    Happy Birthday Sandy Rose

    :new_birthHappy Birthday there, Sandy!:new_birth Hope you have terrific birthday and receive lots of great surprises. Stay dry, eat cake and enjoy your day in spite of the lousy weather. Wayne
  8. eyekode

    LN #2 - Thanks Larry Rose!

    I have had my eye out for a smaller smoother for a while. I already had an LN 4 which I like a lot. And I have a soft spot for brass tools. Larry Rose offered to sell me his #2 for a wonderful price. He also shipped it before he ever received payment! It works wonderfully taking thin shavings...
  9. ScottM

    Happy Birthday Larry Rose

    Larry, have a get day and a wonderful birthday.
  10. Trent Mason

    Happy birthday Sandy Rose

    Happy birthday! I hope you have a great day! :new_birth:new_birth:new_birth:new_birth:new_birth :occasion1
  11. Compass Rose Tray

    Compass Rose Tray

    Compass Rose Tray
  12. nelsone

    Marquetry Rose

    Don't know what I'm going to do with this yet, but here is my latest piece. I will use is as an inlay for something.
  13. nelsone

    Compass Rose Tray

    Finally finished my Dad's Christmas present for this year. Still have a few more to do, but they aren't this complicated! Let me know your thoughts! The tray is walnut, the oval is bubinga, the stringing is courtesy of Mr. Furjanic, and the rose is maple and ...(I still can't remember the name...
  14. nelsone

    Compass Rose (progress pics added)

    Thought I'd share the progress on my latest project. This is the panel for another serving tray. It is wetted down with some DNA for the pic. Panel is walnut, the oval is bubinga, and the rose is maple and :icon_scra I can't remember. I hope to put some stringing around the oval tonight (wish me...
  15. Partman

    Happy Birthday Larry Rose

    Happy Birthday Larry !!! Hope you have a good one. :icon_thum Danny
  16. PChristy

    A Rose is a Rose

    Trying my hand at the 3D acrylic stoppers from Arizona silhouette - don't have the BeAll buffing system - wet sanded with the MM up to 12000 - Whatyathink View image in gallery View image in gallery
  17. woodArtz

    Happy Birthday Larry Rose!

    Happy Birthday Larry! I hope you're able to work on a great new project in the shop. Have a great birthday!
  18. TracyP

    Happy Birthday Sandy Rose

    Happy birthday :new_birth:new_birth:new_birth Hope you have a great day.
  19. Rose Window -Bolivian cherry

    Rose Window -Bolivian cherry

  20. Larry Rose

    Compass Rose table finished

    It finally cooled off enough this weekend for me to finish this table that has taken so long. After several days of drying I'll knock the shine off with 0000 steel wool and wax. I don't know what caused the bottom shelf to show up in the pic as it did, glare I quess, but it doesn't really look...

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