1. J

    Tool deals in North Raleigh

    Currently on RDU CL are some tools in North Raleigh, that are very interesting. Contractor saw - $150, includes BIESEMEYER FENCE and FORREST BLADE (trash the saw), Band saw - $250, enclosed stand 14" Delta (not 16") with mobile base, Planer - $100 says Delta 12", but I think it is a 13", and...
  2. jimwill48

    Pony Express North Raleigh to Anchor Seal Pick-up Point

    I'm recieving a 410/.22 shotgun from BPeck (Brian) who lives in the North Raleigh area and I need to get it from him to the Anchor Seal Pickup point on Saturday so Greg can Pony Express it down to me here in Mooresville. Is there anyone who could pick it up and get it to Greg on Saturday? I...
  3. algustaf

    Newbie in North Durham

    I am just getting started in woodworking after many frustrating years of desire and few tools. I have realized the tools come slowly for me, as extra money comes slowly for me. After assembling a few tools and moving to a new place with a basement shop, I have started making some simple pieces...
  4. thrt15nc

    Receipt from North Carolina Woodworker, Inc.

    I've been gone for a few days and just now am checking personal e-mails. Yesterday between 1002 and 1014 I received three mails in my personal mail from the site with the title "Receipt from North Carolina Woodworker, Inc." Also included is a PDF file. The message looks like this. To...
  5. redhawknc1

    My New To Me Tablesaw Gloat....Thanks to North Carolina Woodworker!

    Finally got my "new to me" Jet 10" 3hp Xacta saw together and tuned. Used my rails and Beismeyer Fence from my old Delta Contractor Saw(Lowes deal from a while back). Along with the Incra 1000SE and Bench Dog Cast Iron Router Table Extension. Have a PC7518 and Bench Dog Pro Lift mounted...
  6. TracyP

    A North Carolina Woodworker Lunch

    There ain't no pictures but it really did happen. Brad Parsley, My son 02 Ranger and myself met for lunch today in Salisbury. I enjoyed meeting Brad and look forward to future lunches. We continue to grow and have some great gatherings no matter how small.
  7. merrill77

    S2S tempered hardboard in north Raleigh

    When I see it locally, it's always rough on one side.
  8. DaveO

    What is North Carolina

    It is an Internet forum based on an interest in woodworking and geographic locality. I have been an active participant in this site since it's beginnings. I originally didn't think that it's concept would work or be well accepted. I have since found that this site and it's members have proved me...
  9. Jess Pidlin

    Hello from north of the border...

    (still in Dixie though). Hello to all, my name is John Anderson, and I accidently stumbled across your site a couple of days ago. My spam blocker was determined that I was not to become a member:nah:, but with help from Dave O:qleft7:, here I am. Thanks again Dave. I'll bore you with a little...
  10. SteveColes

    North Carolina Woodworker, Inc

    On July 16th, North Carolina Woodworker, Inc. became a legal entity in the state of North Carolina. From section 4: Well that's exciting:nah::no::rotflm: but what does that mean?:dontknow: For you the members or lurkers of this site, not really too much. It does, however, mean some changes for...
  11. Douglas Robinson

    200 Board foot of Walnut Lumber - $250 (North Raleigh)

    Reply to: Date: 2008-06-07, 5:05PM EDT Over 200 Board feet of rough cut walnut lumber. Various lengths and widths. Will sell all or part. $1.25 a board foot or $250.00 for it all. There is also some other woods. Make a reasonable offer and they are yours. This...
  12. DavidF

    Some gifts for my friends up North

    We have just come back from a trip back up to NH and before we left Carol suggested I might want to turn a few bowls for our friends as gifts. Here is what "turned" out: First, a little bowl (6") in QSWO. The a table centre piece in Cherry with a curly maple band, about 9" dia and...
  13. D

    Looking for hardwood suppliers in north central NC

    Wondering if there is a source for hardwood lumber in the Henderson,NC area which is in north central NC. :lol:
  14. BobcatBob

    New to North Carolina

    Hello everyone. My name is Bob. I lived in PA for 50 years, then moved to Arizona for 15 years and in June of 2006, my wife convinced me that we should move to NC to be closer to our children. One daughter lives in Apex, and the other lives in Abington, PA. While I am new to NC, I am not new to...
  15. Douglas Robinson

    Tools in North Raleigh

    I have no affiliation and do not know the people involved. I saw this posted today on another forum and since it is in our "backyard" thought I'd pass it along. If anyone buys anything posted it here. I'd like to know, what happens. What a sad story...he was younger than me!: "Posting for a...
  16. L

    New to North Carolina

    Hello to all, My name is Larry Nelson and I am a recent transplant from Wisconsin. I have been a woodworker for about 25 years. Woodworking for me is a hobby only, but a hobby that I very much enjoy. I have done a lot of traditional woodworking such as furniture, cabinets and such. Lately, I...
  17. J

    Logs from Hawaii to North Carolina ?

    My Marine son who is stationed in Hawaii, thinking of his dad back here in North Carolina has secured some logs that were cut by the power company and left to rot. How do I go about getting logs from Hawaii to North Carolina? any insight would help. I'm concerned that shipping may make this log...
  18. MikeH

    Faces of North Carolina Woodworkers

    We have a gallery that has not been updated in a while. I know we have a lot of new members and some may or may not know of this gallery. It's called "Faces of North Carolina Woodworkers" Please visit this gallery and post a picture of yourself. Please also remember to put your screename in...
  19. johnpipe108

    Thanks again for your North Carolina Hospitality!

    Having been here for a few months now, I just wanted to express my appreciation again for Steve's gracious hosting invitation, and your gracious hospitality. North Carolina is right next door to Virginia, where I grew up, and being here gives me that "close to home" feeling, and it's more of a...
  20. Monty

    Wood suppliers of North Carolina

    One of the ongoing "projects" we have had on this web site is maintaining a list of wood suppliers in the state. This is intended to be a list of wood dealers that our members have worked with and are happy with. Many of our members have made contributions to that list. Well, the list has...

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