1. Canuck

    Turned Shaving Kits?

    It is about time to get started on the Xmas presents. This year I was thinking of giving shaving kits (ie razor, brush and stand) to my son-in-laws. I have been looking around and I have am not finding much out there. They have started selling a couple of kits at Penn State...
  2. PChristy

    The over/under gun pen kits

    Anyone know of the best deals on these kits Might (hoping and praying) be getting an order for these here soon and I need to get the best price on them - thanks in advance
  3. Canuck

    Rockler T-Track Kits On Sale

    Received notification of a sale on the Rockler T-Track kits. Two kits for $32.98. If you have a few jigs in mind in the near future, this may be a great opportunity to stock up on T-track and all those T-bolts, knobs and track.:icon_thum:icon_thum One kit includes.... One 4' length of...
  4. mihunt

    Pen Kits in Wilmington NC??

    Anyone know if there is a place in Wilmington NC where I can buy pen kit parts....I'm specifically looking for a 2010 replacement band for a slimline pen. My sisters' husband is graduating with a teaching degree, and I made him a teacher's pen, and just now thought I should have put a 2010 band...
  5. H

    Compressor/Nailer Combo kits - Opinion on brands?

    So I have some trim work to do both at home and for a friend. Seems like a compressor/nailer kit is in my future. That cash outlay will eat up what my friend will pay me to finish his trim work (if I had a regular job I'd do it for free). Seems the major brands are priced similarly...
  6. TheLazyC

    Pen Kits arrived, 2 more scrap pens

    So I think I would be better off turning my wood working to something like, cutting firewood! I was so excited about getting my next set of pen kits and blanks. 11 cigar kits. I cut the blanks to length with my new band saw, glued the tubes in and tuned the radio in to the Wednesday night...
  7. more glueing

    more glueing

  8. Glueing my fingers together, I mean pen tubes

    Glueing my fingers together, I mean pen tubes

  9. Glueing


    Let the pen making begin
  10. Pine Wood Derby

    Pine Wood Derby

    we used a router this year, we are really moving up, from our previous years of making a racing "wedge"
  11. shop


  12. shop


  13. shop


  14. shop


    Do you think I need some help organizing?
  15. Christmas In January

    Christmas In January

    My first order of all my pen making stuff
  16. Ridgid Table Saw

    Ridgid Table Saw

  17. Delta Jointer

    Delta Jointer

  18. Delta 1440 Iron Bed Lathe

    Delta 1440 Iron Bed Lathe

  19. Delta 1440 Iron Bed Lathe

    Delta 1440 Iron Bed Lathe

  20. Shop


    Here is my Shop, storage, boat shed, cooking shed, mouse house, etc.

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