Compressor/Nailer Combo kits - Opinion on brands?

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Henry W

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So I have some trim work to do both at home and for a friend. Seems like a compressor/nailer kit is in my future. That cash outlay will eat up what my friend will pay me to finish his trim work (if I had a regular job I'd do it for free).

Seems the major brands are priced similarly:
PC ($279) - Compressor, 16ga finish nailer, 18 ga brad nailer, 18 ga crown stapler
Bostitch ($299) - Compressor, 16ga finish nailer, 18 ga brad nailer, 18 ga crown stapler
DeWalt ($269) - Compressor, 16ga finish nailer, 18 ga brad nailer (I think no stapler here)

Here's the real Q: Any reason to pick one brand over the other?

The Bostiitch 18 ga brad nailer holds up to 2" brads, the PC and DW only 1.5", but I don't know if that is such an issue. All the 16 ga finish nailers held up to 2.5" nails.
I expect to use the 16 ga mostly - doing mostly casing and some jams;
I expect to use 18 ga on a few strips of door stop, some base cap, and maybe some shoe molding.

Reputation wise I think of Bostitch as the company with the longest track record in nailers - but don't know about compressors. PC is next in nailers, but again I know nothing of their compressors. I think DW acquired Emglo compressors, but I know nothing about their nailers.

ALL of these are the low end consumer brand kits with oil less compressors; I won't be using these full time (at least I hope not). Cash is an issue so the $300 is my max outlay.

Opinions or reasons to pick one over the other?



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I have had the PC pancake compressor kit (finish, brad, stapler and pin nailers) for about 2.5 years now and it has served me well. (I do drain the tank condensation after each use.) The only big downside is the noise that these oiless compressors generate.:elvis:

I really don't use it all day/every day so I can put up with a little racket once in a while.

I do like the portability factor.

I have also had pretty good luck with the nailers. Rarely have any jams with the PC's.

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