1. Poplar bowl

    Poplar bowl

    Made from a young yellow poplar that was taken down from a storm, the heartwood is not as mature. The color is pale green with darker streaks. This shape seems to be a favorite of not only mine but many others.
  2. The Earthen Urn

    The Earthen Urn

    Made from beautiful heartwood from a very large poplar tree. Its 10" tall and holds up to 29 cubic inches.
  3. Medium Maple vessel

    Medium Maple vessel

    One of my favorites so far, I hated to see it go. Made of soft wormy maple. Its 5" wide by 7.5" tall.
  4. cskipper

    Price for installing hardwood floors-eastern NC

    I have a friend who lives around the coast who needs hardwood floors installed. What would be a reasonable price and what is the formula for arriving at that number? Also, what should they look for when talking to contractors?
  5. D L Ames

    Hardwood Store of NC

    All, I had a chance to stop by the Hardwood Store of NC a few weeks ago to pick up some QS white oak for a few projects I am working on. While there I found out that they are moving to a larger location. They will still be in Gibsonville but out on the main road (NC 61??) and about a block up...
  6. S

    Hardwood Lumber near Fayetteville

    I am new to the area and looking for a good hardwood lumber yard in the Fayetteville area. Any suggestions?
  7. smessick

    Hardwood in NWNC

    Would anybody know of where I might buy project quantities of hardwood in northwest NC? I am in Watauga county and am most familiar with the Hickory/Lenoir area. I can get to the Asheville area or further if I have to. Nothing in the works right now, would just like to know where to go when...

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