1. tsmart

    Drill Guide Countersink

    Saw this infomercial on TV the other day, and didn't write any info down about it (my mistake). Now I'm intrested in buying one, and can't find it on-line (or anywhere). Anyone see the infomercial or have any info that may help me? The guide looked like a plastic 1X4, with 2 holes to guide a...
  2. jimwill48

    Templete Guide - Issue/Puzzle

    Being kind of cheap :dontknow: - I pickup this weekend a set of Brass Router Templete Guide's and a Inlay kit from HF (after reading on the Router Forum that all the brass sets sold are the same manufacture). Well anyway I have several diff Routers 3 Hitachi, 2 Bosch and a Bosch Colt. The...
  3. rick7938

    Router with Edge Guide and In Table

    I'm wanting to use my router with edge guide and also my router table to cut mortises for loose tenons. Please help me get this right the first time: 1. If I am routing a mortise with edge guide and the edge guide is at 12 o'clock, do I cut the mortise from right to left or left to right to...
  4. Bryan S

    Router edge guide

    I have the DW 618 router kit and have a project where an edge guide would come in handy. I am considering this one. Any opinions on the Dewalt guide, or sugestions for another. I really like the double edge guide Pat Warner makes but just cant bring myself to spend that much. The LOML has been...
  5. froglips

    Book Review: Woodworkers Guide to Wood

    Holy cow and a half. If there was one book I'd wish I had read years ago, this is it. Of course, it wasn't written years ago, so I'm off the hook..... I have been working my way through the defnitive work by Bruce Hadley, which is a great read. Sadly, I do not have a PHD in Woodology :-/...
  6. Ken Massingale

    PC Guide Bushing

    I really need a .400" PC style guide bushing. I have a Craftsman dovetail jig that uses this oddball size along with a .500". It comes with dinky sheetmetal-like guides that screw to a Craftsman router base, or to an optional base for non Craftsman routers. Any ideas how/where to get a .400? TIA ken
  7. H

    Straight Edge Guide for Hitachi Hitachi KM12VC?

    I'm seaching for a straight-edge guide for a Hitachi KM12VC router kit that I'm looking at. It's the kit with both fixed and plunge bases. Would be nice to find an edge guide made by Hitachi, but I'm not having any luck. Anyone know of a guide that may work in this model...
  8. Ralrick

    Dumb Question: Attaching guide to Bosch Router

    I have an older Bosch B1350 router that I would like to use with the PC 4212 Dovetail jig. The DT comes with a template guide that attaches to the router but I don't have a clue on how to attach it:eusa_thin Do I need a different template guide specifically from Bosch? It does not appear...
  9. Tarhead

    Festool MFT Guide Rail Catch

    If you have an MFT from Festool with the saw guide rail this may be of interest. After being whacked in the head one too many times by the guide rail stored in a vertical position I decided to light a candle instead of cursing the MFT. Here's what I did: Piece of 1/2" ply, childproof latch...
  10. Terry

    The Accurate Guide

    I received my Wood Magazine today and was reading about a guide that uses two small scraps of plywood or wood you are using to cut dadoes in that automatically sets the spacing between the first and second router passes. (Page 34 issue171 September 2006). Pricey but beleive you can build one. If...
  11. J

    Tree Identification guide.

    I'm looking for either a book or on-line comprehensive tree identification guide. Would like if it showed color lumber pictures and characteristics along with leaf, bark, and whatever else used to identify trees… If you know of one, please point me in the right direction. Thanks Maybe I...
  12. WoodWrangler

    Eurkazone EZ Smart Guide System Opinions

    Looking for opinions from anyone who has used the Eurkazone EZ Smart Guide System ( It looks like a great gadget at an okay price, but is it really any good? I'd like to hear your thoughts -- as well as any alternatives available. I'm mainly looking for a tool...
  13. C

    Source for Picture Framing Guide

    I would like to make some picture frames for photos, degrees, licenses, etc. I can look at the basic construction of the cheap frames I have now but would like to learn a little more about this subject so I can produce something that is beautiful, functional and durable. Any ideas? I did a...

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