1. S

    Amazon freud premium fusion full kerf $64

    http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B000JNTG76/ref=aw_d_detail?pd=1 This kerf is 68. I just bought the WWII or I'd definately get this. WWII is unbelievable though
  2. tkpinsc

    Shop full of Heavy Iron

    Columbia Craigslist just had a full shop of heavy iron, and lighter stuff listed. delta 10 contractor saw several chop saws 96" vega lathe several large and small shapers very large yates bandsaw 18" RAS and 18" tablesaw pictures and prices with the advertisements nor mine but fun...
  3. BKind2Anmls

    Full Extension Drawer Slides

    http://wwhardware.com/catalog.cfm?GroupID=Cabinet%20Drawer%20Slides&CatID=Drawer%20Slides%2C%20Full%20Extension%20Ball%20Bearing&SubCatID=Economy%20Full%20Extension Woodworker's Hardware has a great sale on full-extension drawer slides and the review are very good as well, even though these are...
  4. Bin-full Window Dust Collector Modification

    Bin-full Window Dust Collector Modification

    Complete JDS Cyclone-II 2HP Cyclone Dust Collector with modified bin-full windows (overview)
  5. Bin-full Window Dust Collector Modification

    Bin-full Window Dust Collector Modification

    Close-up of interior of bin-full windows. Note use of rivets and silicone to seal lexan windows to waste bin.
  6. Bin-full Window Dust Collector Modification

    Bin-full Window Dust Collector Modification

    Interior view of modified waste bin. Also note use of aluminum HVAC tape (with through rivets to provide necessary electrical bond to each stip) used to dissipate/ground unwanted static buildup.
  7. Bin-full Window Dust Collector Modification

    Bin-full Window Dust Collector Modification

    Close-up of exterior of modified waste bin. I installed two pairs of these windows at ~70% full and ~90% Full. By installing a pair of windows at each level you can use a flashlight to visually detect levels well below either window.
  8. Bin-full Window Dust Collector Modification

    Bin-full Window Dust Collector Modification

    General overview of bin-full window modification. Notice the two pairs of windows, providing not only obvious indication at ~70% and ~90% Full, but also allowing the use of a flashlight to view bin status at much lower limits as well.
  9. Travis Porter

    Dust Collector full bin sensor

    I have had a few issues with forgetting to check to see if my dust collector is full. To the point that i have overflowed the drum for my cyclone and got the cartridge filter slam packed with wood chips. :embaresse So..... Last year Touchwood came up with what I considered a neat full...
  10. woodworkersparadise

    Looking for a full size Lathe and Table saw

    I'm looking to buy a Used full size lathe, Perfably a good brand, ? Need within a week or two, And also a full size table saw? Anyone ?.. Contact me 828 460 0721..Jeff at .woodworkersparadise, Marion N.C

    A box full of firsts

    well i finally did it i tried all those things ive been afraid to or didnt have time to do (exotic wood, inlay,grain "popping")tell me what you think View image in gallery
  12. R

    Full fill finish

    Anyone done a full fill finish on red oak plain cut or have a technique? Interested in products and techniques used. Thanks Robb
  13. S

    case full of wood

  14. M

    Full Shop

    Last Friday I finished a deal on some used equipment and successfully got it unloaded at the shop. I would like to thank Phillip, Dennis, Scott, and Glenn for their advice on handling these pieces. I was a lil gun shy at first about being able to maneuver these pieces around the shop by myself (...
  15. Mrfixit71

    Must have been a full moon

    Another granddaughter born this week. My first grandchild, and born on my birthday Wednesday. What better birthday present could you get? Rich
  16. Bas

    How to upload files - old fashioned full flavored

    HOW TO Upload a Document Located on Your PC In addition to the forums, the NCWW web site contains a large repository of useful woodworking information, from Arts & Crafts to Woodturning. If you have something you'd like to share, this is the place to put it. You can upload PDF files, images...
  17. T

    Last call, carpool to Char. crawl from Ral. (FULL UP)

    I have one more space in my Dad's Camry. We are leaving my house at 5:30 am and getting back??? Come on you know you want to go (and save big bucks on gas!!)
  18. Douglas Robinson

    Cyclone full

    A neighbor came by today and while we were getting something from the shop he asked me how I knew when the cyclone barrel was full. I looked over and saw that the clear 6" flex hose leading to the barrel was full of sawdust. :gar-Oo: I said "that's how." Oops. Planing and joining fills it up...
  19. Bryan S

    Think Kerf Verses Full Kerf blades

    I know what the differences arein the 2 different blades and why you would want to thin kerf blade on lower powered saws like removing less material so as not to work the saw as hard. What have been your experiences with using one vs the other? I've heard things like the thin kerf is less...
  20. SteveColes

    Klingspor Discount - Full Speed Ahead

    OK, this new program is now fully active:eusa_danc I just received the following email from Coleman at Klingspor. If you become DQ, you will have to wait until July 1, before you will be on Klingspor's List. I will send once a month Aprrox the 25th and we should give them until the first to...

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