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HOW TO Upload a Document Located on Your PC

In addition to the forums, the NCWW web site contains a large repository of useful woodworking information, from Arts & Crafts to Woodturning. If you have something you'd like to share, this is the place to put it.

You can upload PDF files, images and MS Word documents (and maybe others - need to check)

Step by step instructions (with many thanks to Jane - MTNative)

1. Click the [Download Library] button at the top of the page.
Under the maroon "Navigation" bar, you'll see a bunch of links:
Main Category Tree Stats Search Add My Files
2. Click on Add. This will take you to a screen similar to what's used for posting messages.

3. “File Name”: Enter a title for your document

4. “Author”: Enter your name. e.g.: Jane Henson
Your username (e.g. MT native) will be added automatically after the document is downloaded.

5. “Description”: Enter some text to describe the file you're attaching.
Example: "This document describes the mathematics behind random scratch patterns created by 150 grit on a Random Orbit Sander".

6. “Category”: select a category that relates best to the document
Under the maroon “Add File” bar:
7. “Upload a File”: click on the [Browse] button then select the document on your local machine.

8. Click "Add File". This downloads the document to the Download Library.
File Successfully Downloaded

A new window opens. Here you can review the information you entered and edit/delete as needed. This information will be displayed when someone clicks on the title of the document in the Download Library.
NOTE: The big blue DOWNLOAD button in the upper right is for
people who want to download your document, not for you to use.
“Upload an Image”: If you have an image that is associated with the document you can upload that image, then it will be displayed beside the Title of the document in the Download Library.
9. Click on the [Browse] button and select the image from your PC you want to add.
10. Click on the [Add Image] button to upload the image.
Your Image Has been Added

To add a link to your freshly uploaded document in a forum post:

Below the last maroon navigation bar Title of Your DocumentEditDelete is “Category Jump”.
11. Select the Category that you chose to archive your document and you will automatically be re-directed to that Category in the Download Library. Here you will see the image beside the File name (the title you entered), the description you entered, the size of the file, the date you downloaded it and the number of times it has been downloaded.
12. Go to the top of the page and use your cursor to highlight the http:// URL
13. Right click on your mouse and select COPY
14. Open a second NC Woodworker window. Make sure you are logged into both windows.
15. Search for and open your Post.
16. Click on the [Edit] button at the bottom of the window.
17. Click on the [Go Advanced] button at the bottom of the Edit Post window.
18. Click in the Post where you want to Paste the URL you just copied. Press the right mouse button and select Paste.
19. Make any other edits to the Post and click the [Save changes] button.

If you uploaded the document before creating the forum post, you can ignore steps 14 - 17, just start a new post and paste your URL.

YOU'RE DONE attaching a document to a Post/Thread
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