1. ScottM

    Stihl extended warranty

    Stihl is running a promo where they double the warranty on their gas power tools if you also buy a 6-pack of their oil at the same time. Only catch is the tools have to be for personal use. http://www.stihlusa.com/STIHLInc_Limited_Warranty1.11.pdf I am considering either the MS 250 or the MS 271.
  2. BKind2Anmls

    Hartville Tools Extended Sale

    Hartville Tools has extended its sale till Sunday night. I have placed a couple of orders and the final total has generally added up to two-thirds of what I put in my shopping basket. No guarantees, but I am pleased, so far.
  3. kooshball

    Anyone have extended rails on their G1023Z fence?

    I have a stock G1023Z (with fence that guides on angle irons) with a 25" rip capacity but am going to need to go wider. Grizzly sells an extended rails that go out to 50" but they have legs for support and I am not going to be able to accommodate that due to my less than planar floor and need...
  4. Flute Maker

    Making Extended Tool Rest

    I want to make an extra long tool rest for my old Craftsman lathe for doing spindle type work. If anyone has any ideas let me know . I have some in mind but am always open to any help . Thanks !
  5. WoodWrangler

    Laguna $75 Blade Deal Extended to NCWW

    Tim Lory at Laguna confirmed that this offer is extended to North Carolina Woodworker. Great deal if you want a great blade! The email message below was sent out -- adjusted for North Carolina Woodworker: ==================================================== Laguna Carbide Resaw King Bandsaw...
  6. ScottM

    Calendar Contest EXTENDED 1 Week

    My popular demand we are extending the entry period to midnight Aug 30th. So the lack of time is no longer an excuse.
  7. dino drosas

    EXTENDED GLOAT, "The extra inches sounded like fun too"

    The Jet 1220 VS lathe arrived today along with the 28" bed extension. I have been looking for one of these for quite a while and it seems they are back ordered until April. Redmon machinery happened to have this one as a display unit and I got it for a terrific price as well as on the 28" bed...

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