1. Khadi wood djembe from Guinea

    Khadi wood djembe from Guinea

    Khadi wood djembe drum from Guinea, Rope work and heading done by me
  2. Padauk wood Ashiko shell

    Padauk wood Ashiko shell

    Padauk wood ashiko shell
  3. Purple Heart Dunun Set

    Purple Heart Dunun Set

    Set of Purple Heart Dununs (West African Bass drums) headed with cowhide
  4. Djembe drum

    Djembe drum

    Khadi wood djembe drum. The shell (wood) is from Mali, I did the rope work and head mounting
  5. Ash Ashiko Drum

    Ash Ashiko Drum

    Ash wood Ashiko with metal furniture tacks
  6. Walnut wood djembe drum

    Walnut wood djembe drum

  7. PChristy


    The drummer in my son's band has asked me if there is away we can cut the depth of a drum down without messing up the drum - not sure what he is wanting - I haven't seen the drum itself - any of you guys ever heard of this - done it or seen it done?
  8. MrAudio815

    16/32 Drum Sander -Where to get sand paper

    Hello NCWW's TOOL GLOAT: I picked up a 16/32 Performax drum sander last month and it came with quite a few boxes of sand paper~! :icon_cheers I'm going to helping a friend build a bunk bed and told him he's gotta buy the sand paper. I found some on Amazon, but just wanted to see where...
  9. PChristy

    Tongue Drum question

    I was looking through my stash of scroll saw magz and came across the plans for a "tongue drum" I think DaveO sent them to me - I am missing one of the pages - the plans are out of The Woodmagizine - no idea what month or year - does anyone have these plans that could tell me what is on the...
  10. pslamp32

    Drum sanders...

    Well since I've started doing some veneer work I've decided I must have a new bandsaw and drum sander. Finding a used bandsaw will probably happen soon, I hope, but I'm less familiar with drum sanders. Just wondering what a fair used price on a sander in good shape would be. Also, what...
  11. Tom Dunn

    New 55 gallon drum

    I'm looking for a source to buy a new or "re-conditioned", unlined, open head, 55 gallon steel drum. The closer to Fuquay or Sanford the better. I can find plenty of used ones, but some are lined, some had toxic stuff, ect. This is for an "Ugly Drum Smoker", and I'm trying to avoid the...
  12. Rendered piece

    Rendered piece

    This is the rendered graphic of what it should look like after the toolpath has completed (Vectric software).
  13. Drawing


    Example 2D drawing in Visio.
  14. Bodhran Mold

    Bodhran Mold

    These a pieces of a drum-making mold I made using a ShopBot CNC router and particleboard.
  15. Tarhead

    How would you cut a 2" square window into a fiber drum?

    Ethan Poole's modification here: has me thinking that I should do the same on my dust collection drum. The only problem is I'm using a fiber drum and I don't want to booger it up. How would you do this on a fiber drum? Drill then Jigsaw? (I know there are a few whiz bang full dust bin...
  16. owen299

    Steel Drum

    Not really a woodworking request , except to burn a little scrap. I'm looking for a fairly clean steel 55 gallon drum that has the top w/ ring on it (barrel top comes off). I'm north of Raleigh/ Durham and thought this would be as good a place as any to start looking. Thanks
  17. R

    Stationary Drum Sander Choice

    I am considering upgrading to a more stationary drum sander. I am looking at the Steel City 26", model 55220 and the WoodTek 25". They are both in the same price range and have very similar stats. I cannot find any reviews on either of these tools. Does anyone here have any experience with...
  18. ScottM

    This CL drum sander must be hot

    Not mine but one H&^% of a deal http://norfolk.craigslist.org/tls/1803701546.html
  19. CarvedTones

    Anybod buy a Woodmaster drum sander on RDU-CL last year?

    I saw this posting on CL and thought I would share it here in case it is a member the poster is looking for: Looking for the person who bought my Woodmaster drum sander. - $1 (Raleigh) Date: 2010-05-31, 4:06PM EDT Reply to: sale-b2fdm-1768383163@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]...
  20. cyclopentadiene

    Drum sander feed belt

    I just purchased a Delta X5 18-36 drum sander. The feed belt is a little worn and I would like to replace. Called WW supply, not available. Where is the best place to obtain a replacement. Also, how long do these generally last, should i order a couple just to save shipping in the future...

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