1. Close_up_one_end_of_coffee_table_by stoneskipper

    Close_up_one_end_of_coffee_table_by stoneskipper

    QSS & Walnut coffee table John Skipper (stoneskipper). The different types of joinery include tongue and groove, through tenons - double and singles, notches and square pegs. The tops of the tables and the legs are curved. Through tenons attach the legs to the tops - double tenons on...
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  6. reprosser

    How to figure header size for double door

    I am building a finishing room in my shop, and I need to install a 60" double door. I checked around on the web, but it seems to be real complicated to determine the size of the header. I plan to store stuff (not lumber) overhead, but it will not be a 2nd floor - just storage. I figure a 2x12...
  7. mshel

    Metal double door for entrance

    I am in need of a replacement for my shop and thought I would post here in case someone knows where I can pick up a used unit. My shop has double metal doors (both open out) which gives me a 6 foot opening. Due to water absorbtion the bottoms are rottening and I am afraid there is no repair I...
  8. S

    Ridgid Sliding double bevel miter saw - $300 (Cary)

    Not Mine! Half off sale! Rigid Sliding double bevel miter saw - $300 (Cary) Date: 2011-01-09, 11:18AM EST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Rigid 12" Sliding Double Bevel miter saw. Used...
  9. Outa Square

    Southeast Tool $1 1/4" double fluted straight router bit

    Check this out... Carbide Processors is selling 1/4" shank 1/4" cutting diameter carbide tip router bits made by Southeast Tool for $1 w/ free shipping. Limit 1 per customer. There are only 50 total available at this price. Here is the link for the deal...
  10. S

    thread moderation: double post in Gen'l WW

    There was a double post in the General Woodworking section. Here is a link to the second post: I edited the original post to include Don's missing picture and placed the second post in moderation to keep all the responses to his thread...
  11. cpw

    Double Gloat

    Last weekend LOML and I went down to Fayetteville and picked up a Jet 18-inch, 3 hp band saw (JWBS-18QT-3) and a Powermatic 18-inc drill press (PM2800). First and foremost, thanks to everyone who provided some great advice on moving the band saw, especially the heads up on the triangular...
  12. CatButler

    For woodworking equals double price

    I've often wondered if things that are sold as woodworking tools allows the seller to jack up the price. Chris Schwartz kind of confirmed that with a blog post saying that normal extruded angle aluminum was adequate to use as winding sticks. I stopped by the Ace Hardware on may way home and...
  13. timf67

    Anyone need some WIDE double sided tape?

    The place I work laminates polishing pad material (honing/stropping) with PSA so that industrial customers can attach the pads to their polishers. We have a couple of small rolls of PSA that we are throwing out. Being the packrat I am, I hate to see stuff get thrown out. There are two rolls...
  14. eyekode

    Wood screws: Moxon double screw vise and thread for leg vise

    Thanks to Tom (toolferone) I got the chance to use a Beall wood threading kit like this one: Pretty cool kit. Especially the tap that has a guide in front of the threads to make sure you are taping in line with your pilot hole. First...
  15. JackLeg

    Double, Single, and Dog

    Finished up the Double Rocker today, so that completes the "set." Now the "Finishing Department" takes over to do the glaze coat. Thought they turned out right well. Wood is cypress from Ivey at Beaver Branch Sawmill. Enjoy the pics! :wsmile: Ever vigilant Guard Dog watching over the...
  16. JackLeg

    Single and Double

    Cutting out a single and a double rocker. Only ever made one other double, but LOML wants one out of cypress for the front porch. Pic later today, maybe. (If I don't forget!):dontknow: My new "shop buddy" is hanging right with me. :icon_thumTool noise doesn't bother her at all. :nah: AND...
  17. BrianGeib

    Question: Double Sided Tape

    What brand/type of double-sided tape do you folks use? The stuff that I have isn't wide enough nor sticky enough to secure masonite to plywood. Also, where do you normally get the tape that you use?
  18. froglips

    Scrolling Banner, Newerer, fasterer, samerer!!

    Just a quick update for any who noticed some weirdness at the top of the site. We've replaced our old scrolling banner tool with a nifty newer one. While not overly exciting, it does two things (and more) better than the old one. First, its won't slow down your browser! The old one was...
  19. Inlay class project

    Inlay class project

  20. Charleston double chest

    Charleston double chest

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