1. Bas

    Design help for utility cabinet/ enclosure

    My parents renovated their house last year, annexing the garage into the main living space. New hardwood floors with radiant heat. The only thing left to do is to come up with some sort of enclosure to hide the radiant heat controls. View image in gallery I want to build a cabinet with a...
  2. FlyingRon

    Another Shop DC design

    OK, I saw the previous thread and I'm working on the DC in my own shop. The room isn't large however the ceilings are up at 17 feet. As a result I don't really want to run things directly overhead. I'm thinking about running a shelf around the shop at about 7 feet and hang the ductwork...
  3. MarkE

    DC ductwork design

    What a PITA! Trying to figure out a good layout for DC ductwork in my shop. I have been using Grizzly's online workshop design program. It is not the greatest, but it is free. The thing is, I am getting no where fast. I have tried to find some software to help with the task, but have come up...
  4. bluedawg76

    thien design dust separator

    so i completed my first dust separator today using the Thien Baffle design I'd seen others make. I'm using my shop vac to power it and was amazed at how strong the vacuum is i.e. strong enough to begin crushing the 30 gal metal trash can. Has anyone needed to reinforce the can or is there just...
  5. H

    Heartwood Pine table - trestle base design and fabrication

    In starting this project I had posed a few questions, both here and on WoodCentral. One question I asked was what type of wood I should use Another was the base design – specifically how the top of the trestle posts should be...
  6. F

    Bench Design call for entries

    Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong section as I'm still a newbie and don't see where I could easily place "call for artists" kind of things related to woodworking. But someone here may really be interested in flexing their creative muscles for this project: The Greensboro Downtown...
  7. H

    Design question - trestle table base

    Short version: How would you attach the table top of a large table to 4 posts/legs inset from the corners in a trestle type design? Much longer version: I have a large table I am building. The top will be 10' long x 40" wide x 2" thick. Heartwood pine material - ready to glue up right now...
  8. M

    Cutting Board Design Software

    I am making some cutting boards for presents this year and was searching for some tips, tricks, patterns on the web and found a cool piece of FREE software. :wsmile: It's been real handy in spec-ing out the patterns and gives you all the cuts and boards you need for both edge grain and end...
  9. J

    Strange Table Design

    I'm curious about these. The thought was triggered by Larry Rose's recent post about "Scrubbed Pine" tables. It appears that these originated in Europe sometime in the mid-1800s as farmhouse kitchen work tables, but they could include "guest boards" at each end so they'd serve as a dining table...
  10. Guest_Board_Table_


  11. kooshball

    Dresser carcass wood design, plywood or secondary hardwood (wood movement issue)

    I am still in the final planning stages with my next project, a wide walnut dresser. I plan to use vertical grain solid walnut sides joined to the top and bottom carcass with half blind dovetails. I was originally planning to use plywood for the top and bottom carcass since it is quick and is...
  12. cpw

    Book Review: The Workbench Design Book / Schwarz

    I ordered Christopher Schwarz's latest tome, The Workbench Design Book: The Art & Philosophy of Building Better Benches, and I just finished reading it a couple of days ago, so I thought I'd share. First off, I did something I rarely do with woodworking books. I read it from cover-to-cover...
  13. D

    Anyone use Driving Dimensions add-on with Sketchup?

    I've completed a Sketchup design for multiple built-in pantry cabinets/shelves and now find I have to go back in and change my component dimensions from nominal to the actual thickness of plywood and melamine. I was looking the easiest way to do this and found an add-on "Driving Dimensions"...
  14. A&C Library Table

    A&C Library Table

    QSWO Library table
  15. A&C Library Table

    A&C Library Table

    QSWO Library table
  16. S

    Interesting table design: "floating top" steel and cherry end table

    One of the TechShop RDU members was working on this table when I was in there the other week. It's one of the cleanest/simplest designs I've seen... but with an interesting twist: a floating top.:cool:
  17. A

    King headboard- need design help

    We got a metal king bed frame to turn two beds into a king size bed for my daughter and SIL who will be staying with us for a month before they head overseas for their next posting. After setting it up, my wife decided the bed needed a headboard. My first thought was to whip up something...
  18. dlrion

    My first "Design"

    As mentioned in a previous thread, this is my first design... View image in gallery Well, sort of mine.... The handled cross is an Egyptian symbol for royalty, as are the looped needle eyes, the crescent is a symbol of fertility, and the pyramid is... well, a pyramid. I stole a...
  19. dlrion

    Design Ethics Question

    I got this idea from Cathy's latest post. She made a few very nice looking trivets, and someone asked if the designs were "shareable" Cathy admits that she got this design from someone else, and she did not...
  20. merrill77

    sawhorse design (or perhaps over-designed)

    For the past 7 years or so, I've been using a set of adjustable-height sawhorses from Shop Notes magazine. I have a small shop, so the fact that they break down to save space was very attractive when I selected the design. The adjustable height feature allows me to use them as in/out-feed...

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