50% Off 90 Degree Angle / Corner Clamp Package Peachtree

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Splint Eastwood

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50% Off 90 Degree Angle / Corner Clamp Package

This 4 Pack of our 90˚Angle clamps features the power flex handle, which allows you to pull the handle out and rotate it to apply extra holding power to your stock. The clamp is perfect for gluing up frames, T-miters or just holding the stock in place.​

90 Degree Angle / Corner Clamp Package

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E-Direct Special Price $59.48

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Mt. Gomer

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Heh, I was just about to post this.... Has anyone used these? Seems like a pretty good deal for some clamps that are missing from my collection.



I do not have that particular clamp, but I did buy some parallel clamps from Peachtree. Both types of clamps look to be made from the same manufacturer.
The parallel clamps left a lot to be desired: 4 of the 10 clamps did not work, I had to re-grind the grooves to prevent slipping. The screw itself is undersized and rough. The release mechanism and sliding are sticky and require some force to move. The handles are designed to 'flip' 90degrees to provide greater torque for tightening. BUT I wouldn't dare to do this, I already stripped one clamp just tighteming the clamp without flipping the handle.
Sooo, NO, I wouldn't buy it again.



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I have a set like those that were marketed by JET a couple of years ago. Pretty dadgone handy for holding at right angles when you run outta hands.
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