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  4. Hardwood inlay

    Hardwood inlay

    Detail of Cherry hardwood inlay
  5. Leg detail

    Leg detail

    Detail of knock down leg assembly
  6. Kitchen table and chairs

    Kitchen table and chairs

    Country Maple kitchen table and chairs with leather upholstery and Cherry hardwood inlay
  7. Read Oak Bench for Mom

    Read Oak Bench for Mom

    Found some cheap quarter sawn red oak from a farmer and had a wide red oak board left over from a project my friend made in my shop. he let me keep all the leftovers.
  8. Dining room chairs (poplar)

    Dining room chairs (poplar)

    I don't think I will ever "batch" produce something again!
  9. LloydP

    G & G Adriondak Chairs

    This is a plan that I think was in Popular Woodworking a few years ago for some Greene and Greene adirondak chairs. I have been looking for an excuse to build them for several years. I made full size templates of all the parts, because I figured once I built one, I would be asked for a bunch...
  10. Greene and Greene Adirondak chairs

    Greene and Greene Adirondak chairs

  11. CarvedTones

    recovering 8 chairs, other ww time eaters

    sorry about low quality phone pic: Priced a couple of places that wanted over $100 per chair; we did all 8 for about $45 total for cloth and staples. Serious discount on the cloth. I have started one of my kids in Fletcher Academy to address the learning difficulties that were making a public...
  12. Sassafras Adirondack chairs

    Sassafras Adirondack chairs

    I usually make these chairs out of cypress, however I scored some sassafras in the TN mountains. They use it for fence posts up there
  13. J

    Looking for Adirondack Chairs

    Guys, THis is my first post to ncwoodworking. Let me apologize in advance if I break any protocols. I searched this site on the topic of Adirondack Chairs and found nothing. I am looking for a good recomendation on someone in the Apex/Holly Springs area who can make me a pair of good...
  14. Mike Davis

    Inexpensive patio chairs

    Inexpensive patio chairs - NOT adirondack. Maybe Rubbermade or aluminum? Anyone know of a good deal?
  15. Tarhead

    The South's Best Rocking Chairs Made by a NCWW'er

    Saw this in Garden and Gun magazine's blog. Congrats Brian! Check out the photo gallery at the bottom. I needed a drool towel. Beautiful chairs!
  16. Berta

    I made chairs!

  17. Chairs


    Pair of Morris Chairs
  18. mgoins

    HunnyDo - Refinishing a Dining Room Table & Chairs

    Been a while since I’ve posted, life’s been wild this year. Nearly every free breath was spent preparing to take a Scout group to Philmont Scout Ranch, out in New Mexico. Lot of hiking & backpacking required to get in shape for it. We hiked every weekend from January thru June. Anyway, fast...
  19. JackLeg

    LMI White Cedar Chairs

    Here's a couple pics of some Adirondacks I just finished for a neighbor. They're going on their boat dock. Made them out of Michigan White Cedar that I bought from Jake (Umich) last year. This stuff worked very easily, is light, and appears to be strong. I enjoyed working with this wood...
  20. M

    Looking for someone to Upholster Chairs Monroe area

    I just finished making four side chairs and I need to get someone to pad and cover the seats. This is a new construction, so I just have the plywood bases and need someone to pad them with foam, I suppose, and cover them with a dark brown leather, or simulated leather. Someone in or near Monroe...

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