1. oldetoolworkshop

    6o deg Live Center Advice

    I'm in need of a 60 Deg. Live Center for my Jet Mini Lathe model JML -1014VSI with a #2 Morse Taper. Any suggestions on a high quality center to be used for light duty work, small bowls and smallish spindles on up to 3" in diameter? Price is a consideration, but quality is my #1 concern...
  2. My First Project Ever

    My First Project Ever

    Left View
  3. My First Project Ever

    My First Project Ever

    Middle View
  4. My First Project Ever

    My First Project Ever

    Right View
  5. My First Project Ever

    My First Project Ever

    This was a learning piece for me. Given my limited selection of tools, I had to settle for using paint grade trim from Lowe's to dress it up. After a lot of sanding and conditioning it accepted the stain pretty well. You cannot tell from the pictures, but there are LED lights under the...
  6. D

    Lie Nielsen Event NCSU Craft Center Jan 20-12

    If you've ever wanted to test drive any or all the LN products, this is your chance. I went last year, having never touched a LN tool, and it cost me some money. They had pine or popular to make shavings with, but if you're interested in figured wood, better bring your own. Here's a link...
  7. E

    NC State Craft Center?

    Hi everyone. My boyfriend has recently started woodworking and wants to take a class to get some "formal" training. We live in Raleigh and I work at NC State. Has anyone taken any of the woodworking classes at the NC State Craft Center and if so would you recommend them? Are there any other...
  8. cskipper

    Member support needed - Agri Civic Center Day Space Albemarle, NC

    This weekend is the Agri Civic Center Day in Albemarle, NC. The Friends of the Agri Civic Center are a non profit corp. NCWW has been invited to participate in having a presence to distribute information, conduct demonstrations, and also to sell our wares. We have been given three booths...
  9. BKind2Anmls

    PE Request - Moorseville to Agri Civic Center

    Thanks to fellow members my planer has made it to Moorseville. Is anyone, by any chance, coming from that area to the Agri Civic Center in Albemarle on Saturday? Thanks
  10. M

    Entertainment Center

    Built this for a friend over the last several weeks. The unit is based off of one he saw at one of the warehouse clubs but was too small for his a/v equipment. A few firsts for me which were fun and as always trying to cover mistakes seems to always eat some time. I was disappointed with last...










  16. ScottM

    Agri Civic Center Event

    Getting NCWW members to commit is like herding cats. My suggest is to start pushing and create a demo schedule which you keep public so folks know who and what is demoing. Some members do better with a push so I would PM folks like the following and ask if they can help: Sawman101 PeteM TedAS...
  17. Gotcha6

    Agri Civic Center Day Space Albemarle, NC

    Booth space is available (10x30) at the upcoming Agri Civic Center Day August 27, 2011 in Albemarle, NC. Members are invited to sell or demonstrate WWing products being made. A donation is expected to the Friends of the Agri Civic Center. Center is located on NC24 approx. 3 miles SW of...
  18. Steve_Honeycutt

    Entertainment Center

    When the LOML and I were looking to purchase a house 5 years ago, she saw several entertainment centers at various houses that she liked. I told her that I could make one and I don’t think she believed me. After a few years, I finally got serious about it and the picture below shows the result...
  19. Entertainment Center

    Entertainment Center

    Entertainment Center
  20. Live Center

    Live Center

    Live Center

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