1. DanR

    Bulk deck screws

    I am building a fence and need about 4,500 deck screws. Does anyone know of a local place to buy in bulk? Thanks, Dan
  2. zapdafish

    looking for source for bulk foam brushes

    I've tested the Harbor Freight foam brushes but they started to break up on me as I used them to spread some Poly. I am looking for good quality that I can buy in bulk. Where do you buy yours from? Home depot etc has those bags but they mix in a bunch of sizes I don't want. thnx Steve
  3. PChristy

    Bottle stopper bulk purchasers please read(UPDATE)

    I have everyones money now and I need to wait until tomorrow evening to let everything clear then I will be ordering them:eusa_danc I thought I could order tonight but everything has not cleared yet -
  4. PChristy

    Bottle Stopper bulk purchase?(update x2)

    Not to take away anything from Jack(flyrod444) But I really REALLY like his stoppers http://www.ncwoodworker.net/forums/f32/few-stoppers-25034/ and the kits that he ordered from http://www.torne-lignum.com/stoppers.html which are made in the USA:eusa_danc I went to the kit site and I noticed...
  5. WoodWrangler

    Where is "My Albums" and Bulk Uploads now?

    It used to be that when I clicked on the Photo Gallery main menu tab, I could then click a link called "My Albums" and from there an Upload button. Now I don't seem to see the "My Albums" link? Any help is appreciated ... what I want to do is bulk upload (zip file) into some of my albums.
  6. newtonc

    hoping for advice on buying bulk hardware

    I was looking in to purchasing bulk hardware (small box hinges).And even at the bulk prices given by most mail order houses(+25),you are looking at $3 or so a hinge. I need more than 100.And more than likely... about 1500. Does anyone know of an alternative I have overlooked and am in desperate...
  7. M

    Bulk Photo Uploads

    There may be times you want to upload more than the default 5 pictures at one time. You can do this by completing a few steps first. 1) Create an 'Archive' file for your photos in Winzip or a similar program, or if you are running Windows XP, select the pictures and use File > Send >...
  8. mshel

    bulk upload success YEA!

    After burning the midnight oil last night with insom (literally) and using a ftp program he suggested, I was successful in performing a bulk upload to my gallery. I have posted some pictures of my business workshop (carolina heirlooms ) just to give you all some idea as to what it looks like...

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