1. John Reeves

    Black gloss finish on headboard

    Finally I got a gloss finish. Two coats of Enduro Waterbase white primer. about ten coats of Enduro Waterbase clear black acrylic gloss tinted black, lots of buffing polishing etc. Thanks to John Richards (good luck on China) Jan Hewill) and Ron at General Finishes for help explaining how to...
  2. J

    More Black Walnut Forsale.

    Almost daily now were getting black walnut logs delivered. Approx 2000 more BF landed in the log yard today. Price is $1.50 a BF, lumber will be green fresh cut off the log. Please specify 1/4 thickness starting at 4/4 and how many BF you are looking for. Contact me via PM for larger MBF order...
  3. J

    Wide Board Black Walnut Forsale

    Just got in two nice (very little knots) Black Walnut logs in, above average size and grade. Logs should dress out at least with 14" wide boards with some 16 and above. Logs are 18' long but we will cut them back to 8'. We have not sticked them but am guessing it's about 400 ~ 500 BF. This is...
  4. dozer

    Black and White Ebony

    Well I finally finished this one after the first kit decided to crack on one of the threaded insert ends :cry: But Thats ok just gave ne another chance to make one of my favorite pens that I have made. It is a Black & White Ebony cut on a 45 degree not bad to turn.
  5. MikeH

    MC of Black Walnut

    Has anyone checked the MC from the Black Walnut run a week or so ago? In case you missed the original thread it is here.
  6. J

    Wild Black Cherry / QS White oak forsale

    We would like to try lumber run #3 Sunday (Feb 11th) in the Harbor Freight parking lot in Raleigh off capital blvd (US 1) around 11:00 AM. I don't want to carry much more than 1000BF on my trailer, so if we reach 900 BF we'll have to close this. This time we would like to try Wild Black Cherry...
  7. J

    Black Walnut / Soft Maple forsale.

    Hi everyone we would like to try another lumber run for next Sunday (Jan 28th) in the Harbor Freight parking lot around 11:00 AM. I don't want to carry any more that 1000BF on my trailer, so if we reach 1000 BF we'll have to close this. This time we would like to try Black Walnut and Soft Maple...
  8. J

    MBF 5/4 Black Walnut for sale

    Not mine, nor was it sawed by me. Local sawyer has 1000 BF of Black Walnut for sale. Actually there is more than 1000 BF but he said call it a 1000. I looked at it today, rough cut, widths range from 6" to 12", Random length 8' - 16'. Was sawn for a cabinet maker about 6 months ago, he never...
  9. J

    Curly Black Walnut

    Anyone interested in these pen blanks before I turn them loose on IAP for $2.50 a peice? There’s an interesting mix of heart and sapwood and curly running trough the blanks. Should make for a very intersting pen / pencil. If your interested, I about 50. This is a sample and may not be the...
  10. Jim Murphy

    Black Walnut giveaway with conditions

    Yesterday, I was helping a friend deliver presents and met a gentleman who has two black walnut trees he wants taken down. They are located in the back yard of a home near Lake Royale, just east of Bunn, NC. By sheer eyeball guess from 20' away, one is 12" dbh and the other maybe 16" dbh. He...
  11. chris99z71

    Black Friday Specials From HeavyDutyTools

    I took the liberty of bolding a few items. Man, do I wish I could swing $190 for that 3 1/2 hp Milwaukee router! All Items Will Be Ready At 8:30 AM Eastern Time - Quantities Are Limited !!Limit Of 1 Of Each Item Per Customer ! Multiple Orders From Same Customer Will Be Cancelled - Please Be...
  12. J

    WOW Clowman - Pen and Pencil / Black Walnut Burl

    Just recieved a black walnut burl pen and pencil set made by Clowman. I must say very professionally done, very nice indeed:icon_thum. I would snap a few pics but the walnut burl is very dark and my camera wouldn't do them much justice. I guess thats why it's called black walnut hu? Thanks...
  13. Tall walnut box/urn

    Tall walnut box/urn

    This was conceived and created for a juried competition being held at the Fayetteville, NC Museum of Art this March. It is made of White (Butternut) and Black Walnut. The pieces were turned separately and assembled

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