1. Carvex for sale

    Carvex for sale

    Festool item #201186
  2. Carvex and Accessories in Systainer Boxes

    Carvex and Accessories in Systainer Boxes

    For my Classified ad
  3. J

    wilmington CL: Craftsman 12" lathe + accessories, $90

    Not mine. "wood laythe, craftsman,two sets of tools, 1/2 hp , 4 speeds, copy crafter for making duplicates and face plate for bowls. runs great." The ad doesn't say if the 17 knives in the picture are included, but if so this could be an...
  4. pslamp32

    Router accessories...

    So I have at least 4 routers which I almost never use. I find them a bit cumbersome to adjust and change bits. Even more annoying to me is the lack of adequate dust collection. I have 3 of the Hitachi M12 routers and a Bosch Colt. More often than not I reach for the Colt because it's so easy...
  5. gator

    DW746 Saw Accessories

    Some time back I posted that the Habitat for Humanity Restore in Oxford had the Sliding Table for the DW746, new in the box, for $75. I then added later that they got in some Outfeed Tables for the same saw, new in the box, for $50. I was there today and they now have the DW7469, Low Profile...
  6. kooshball

    must have accessories for a drill press??

    I just picked up my first drill press this week (DL 16.5" floor press) and am getting it ready for action. I am thinking about buying a mortise attachment but what else should I pick up so that this tool can be as useful as possible (excluding the lathe attachments) Thanks
  7. T

    30% Off select bandsaw accessories at Woodcraft

    For those that recently got either the Delta 28-276 or the Ridgid BS1400 this is pretty good because they have the cool blocks and urethane tires on sale as well as the tension spring and Kreg Fence with the 7 inch riser for resawing, If your order is over $75.00 shipping is free so unless...
  8. compressor1


  9. compressor-regs


  10. compressor-pex


  11. compressor-lines


  12. K

    Shop Vac Accessories

    I'm looking to get some attachments and tubes for a home built dust collection system type thing. I wanted mostly just to provide some dust collection for my miter saw, planar, joiner and router. Anyone know where they may have some of this stuff for sale? Thanks!
  13. Douglas Robinson

    Raleigh CL: Wood Turning Tools and Accessories - $200

    Wood Turning Tools and Accessories - $200 (N. Raleigh) Not used much: Jet 1/2 HP Mini Lathe, Cummins 5 Speed drill press, Precision Drill Guide, Parting Tools, Chisel Sets, etc. by H. Taylor, C. Stott, TWC. Various pen turning kits with blanks. Also have a 54 inch long Metal workbench with...
  14. W

    Extra Lathe Accessories?

    Well Guys, I just replaced my 12 inch Delta lathe with a 20 inch Woodfast lathe that takes 1 1/4 inch spindle accessories and I am still recovering from the holidays financially.So I was wondering if any of the turners on the site might have an extra chuck there not using that they...
  15. Travis Porter

    25% off all router bits and router accessories

    Amazon has 25% off all router bits and router accessories. The code you use at checkout is BIT2OOFF. Discount will work on dovetail jigs, router lifts, router tables etc. tive=9325
  16. P Crews

    accessories for Biesemeyer Fence

    Since several of us have purchased the wonderfully marked down Biesemeyer Fence, maybe those that have had this fence for a while can share their shop made accessories for it. :eusa_pray I was perusing Jim Tolpin's Table Saw Magic book and he has some useful attachment's that he has made...
  17. rick7938

    Delta Uni-fence Accessories

    I have the Uni-fence on my Delta saw. I want to add some fence accessories such as a sacrificial fence for dado stack, high fence to use with feather board, sliding jig to cut splines for corners of picture frame, etc. Does anyone have suggestions on attaching the auxiliary fences to the...
  18. KC7CN

    Shop-Made Table Saw Accessories

    As many of you know, I am the newbee to North Carolina Woodworker. I hope this post is in the right location; please let me know if otherwise. I enjoy building jigs and fixtures for the shop, so for my first project post, I would like to share some recent projects for my PowerMatic model 64A...
  19. chris99z71

    10% off tool accessories at Amazon

    I just ordered a router bit from Amazon (gift from my inlaws...I'll try to act surprised... :lol: ), and in addition to the free super saver shipping, I also got 10% off. Apparently this is automatic on all tool accessories and is good through Dec 18th. I don't know what constitutes a tool...

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