1. C

    Ok, I really never give plugs to companies but this is a 1st.

    I order 2 item from Grizzly. I separated the orders because that way I get two free gifts. I order one item at 2am Monday morning from Grizzly. The other item I order at 3pm Monday afternoon. 1st my hat is off to Grizzly. :eusa_clap All 544.00lbs of Item #1 was on the Fed X truck Monday And...
  2. Canuck

    1st Real Attempt to Scroll!

    Well here goes!!! I decided to pull out the Tradesman scroll saw (:lol: :lol: ) and give scroll work a shot. I saw a plan for a plant stand that was supported with six angel figure's. Looked simple enough for my first shot at the art. (Thanks Cathy, for both your inspiration as well as sharing...
  3. T

    1st official act

    I went to the "Review fourm" and closed all threads with the last post being over 30 days old. Did I do good?
  4. C

    1st post here

    I "joined" this forum last month, but have been lurking and somewhat trying to figure out how to navagate this forum on and off since then. Anyway, I figured I'd just go ahead a introduce myself. I like the thought of a site for NC woodworkers. I have been on Woodnet for a few years (same...

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